04 July 2015

Greg Frewin on Masters of Illusion

It's worth noting that Murray SawChuck is listed too!  Does anyone out there know how we can get this channel in Canada?

From Dennis Schick, of the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring:
Canada’s own Greg Frewin, who has his own theater and show in Niagara Falls, will headline the second season of “Masters of Illusion: Believe the Impossible.” The series will begin Friday, July 10, 2015, on the CW Network. It will air at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times, and 7 p.m. Central. 
Frewin is one of forty magicians who will perform during the thirteen-week series of thirty-minute shows. He will appear on six of the shows, along with Tommy Wind, more than any of the other magicians. He will lead off the first show, performing “Sphere.” On the third show, July 24, he will perform “Suspended Animation,” followed by a tiger production and “Shroud” in Episode Five, August 7.

Then in Episode Eight Frewin will do “Glass Sawing Origami,” followed by “Big Yellow Thing” on Episode Ten, September 11. Finally, he will present “Squisher” on Edisode Twelve, September 25.  The series will conclude the following week, October 2.

Among the other magicians appearing during the thirteen weeks will be Rick Thomas, Jeff McBride, Murray SawChuck, Ed Alonzo, Chipper Lowell, Nathan Burton, Jonathan Pendragon, Fielding West, John Gabriel, and YouTube sensation Piff the Magic Dragon.
The series is again produced by Associated Television International (ATI), which also produces a live touring version of Masters of Illusion. Co-producers include Gay Blackstone, the widow of the late Harry Blackstone, Jr., who died in 1997. Host for the series is popular television actor, Dean Cain, best known for “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

To find the CW channel in your area, go to www.cwtv.com. 

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