24 July 2015

Toronto: Update to "Used Magic Day"

I previously posted about the upcoming Used Magic Day at the Browser's Den of Magic.

Jeff recently posted some new information about the day in the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
All the fantastic deals will be in boxes and tables throughout the shop. Many items priced less than $5.00. Plus 'Bags of Magic' loaded with stuff for less than $10.00 per bag. The items to be on sale are not from one source. Rather, they are from a bunch of smaller collections.

AND for those who stay right until the end (5pm)...Jeff will make a truly unbelievable offer.

An offer that you will truly not be able to refuse.

Once you hear the offer you may come to the conclusion that Jeff has actually lost his mind or that he has watched the Godfather movie too many times. (Probably both true.)

Read more.

What could Jeff possibly have up his sleeve this time?

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