17 July 2015

Winner of Darcy Oake tickets!

The contest to win tickets to see Darcy Oake's show, "Edge of Reality," in Toronto closed last night at midnight.

A reminder also, that Canada's Magic has been offered a coupon code for you to use to save on tickets for the Toronto show.

Some great illusions were mentioned ranging from the all time classics "sawing a woman into halves," and "Metamorphosis" to more modern pieces like "Teller's Shadows."  A lot of you out there seem to like levitations too!

Here's the list of entrants:

12015-06-29James Alan
22015-06-29Durgy Spade
32015-06-29Mike D'Urzo
42015-06-29Mike Segal
52015-06-29Phil DC
62015-06-29Willson Wong
72015-06-29Dan McLean Jr
82015-06-29Ken McCreedy
92015-06-29Jason Maiuri
102015-06-29Ray Xu
disqualified (no contact info)2015-07-09derek johnston
112015-07-09Doug C
122015-07-09John Harrison
132015-07-11Jon Paris

Random draw results:

Congratulations to John Harrison!

I'll be contacting you soon  with instructions about how to claim your prize.  I hope you have a fabulous time at the show!  (And don't forget to let me all about it.)

Thank you all for playing! A special thanks to the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for generously making these tickets available to you!

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