08 August 2015

Chris Funk on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

From Chris Funk's Twitter feed:

From a press release:
Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 4, 2015- Winnipeg-based magician Chris Funk The Wonderist, will be appearing in the CW network’s upcoming series “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us” season 2. Chris, will perform his signature routine involving his violin playing skills, with the hopes to fool Penn & Teller for the chance to open for one of their shows in Las Vegas.

“When the associate producer e-mailed me, I had to have my wife read it to me to make sure I fully understood. It seemed like a dream! I couldn’t believe I had a personal invitation to perform on that show! ...It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do, and the best thing I’ve ever had the chance to do.” “This is a huge deal to me, as I just spent the last several months recovering from an Achilles Rupture… which happened in a live show!”

Season 2 of “Fool Us,” which will air July 6,2015, will showcase the best and the brightest that the World magic scene has to offer. Chris's episode is set to air August 17th.

Chris, who’s style has been described as “a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Conan O’Brien with a dash of James Bond”, was hand-picked to showcase on the show by the Executive Producers. He's had the privilege of performing for Penn & Teller in the past on the television show Wizard Wars. Both Penn & Teller described his performance as, "Irresistible!"

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