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21 August 2015

Random thoughts from Sorcerers Safari 2015

  • Mike and Jen Segal are totally awesome and inspiring people!
  • It is tremendous that organizations such as Ellusionist support Sorcerers Safari(Kids, did you remember to send a quick "thank you" e-mail to them for the generous gift you received?  Do it now!  -- Mom)
  • The safety and welfare of the children is an absolute priority.
  • Spotted: Mike and Jen SegalDan WiebeEric LeclercAaron FisherDave MitchellCarey LauderLee AsherDick JoinerSteven Kline, Lisa & Michael Close, Shawn FarquharBen TrainChris MayhewRosemary Reid, Marc Chalmers, Jonah BabinsJoan Caesar, Becki & Bill Wells, Philip DaCostaMark CorreiaChris Westfall, Sheldon CasavantScott Hammell, Greg Frewin, Neil Croswell & Ashley Da SilvaLoran, Marion & Ted Outerbridge and special guest Daryl ... I'm sure there were more and I'm sorry if I missed you!
  • If you haven't met Daryl yet, get thee to the Browser's Den for the Daryl Workshop or get to the Daryl Lecture.  He is fabulous.  You're welcome.
  • Epic staff lip sync battle: Eric's "Blank Space" (Taylor Swift), Mark's "Independent Women" (Destiny's Child), Chris Mayhew's "Single Ladies" (Beyoncé), Rosemary & Chris Westfall's "Cheerleader" (Omi), Jonah & Jonah's "Love Is An Open Door" (Frozen), Michael's "Whip My Hair" (Willow Smith), Scott's "Ice Ice Baby" (Vanilla Ice), The Farquhar's "You're The One That I Want" (Greece), and Mike, Chris G, Steph, Jen & Lisa's "Mahna Mahnam" (Muppet Show).  Need I say more?
  • Grand stage shows nightly including doves, big box illusions and multiple champions of magic!
  • Beach party, cook outs, relay races, Food Chain, Capture The Flag, Dealer's Day, wrap party  fireworks, and swimming, swimming, swimming!  (Jumping in the lake is an experience like no other.)
  • Carey Lauder is an incredible photographer. 
  • Chris Mayhew shot some fabulous footage – I can't wait to see this year's camp video!
  • Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp really does get better every year!
  • Jen, Christina, Stephanie, Lori, and Lisa work super hard behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Mike Segal and Mike Toal should be very proud of what they started together over 19 years ago.
  • Sorcerers Safari is full of super nice, caring, talented individuals!

Don't just take my word for it, here's what other people had to say about this summer's magic camp experience:

Show ended a bit early tonight so managed to get my first real sunset of Sorcerers Safari 2015 Day 3 #bestyearever
Posted by James Carey Lauder on Sunday, 16 August 2015

Yesterday was Dealer Day at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp. A great way to see a lot of magic and we had so much fun to...
Posted by Marion Outerbridge on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

We are officially over 1000 likes on this page! We had a $10 000 prize for our thousandth liker but unfortunately you're...
Posted by Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp on Monday, 17 August 2015

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