27 September 2015

Lee Asher on magical connections

On the afternoon we went, we were lucky enough to catch four different magicians performing on the pitch. While all of them were noteworthy in some fashion, one performance stood out the most for me. I've never seen anything like it before and it's one of those instances where it makes you reflect on your own life.

Magic Man Andrew Eland, a wonderful comedian and sleight-of-hand artist by way of South Africa, is that act. He's got an amazing knack (one of the best) for insanely difficult sleight of hand. Multiply that by the fact he's an excellent performer (and super funny), and you'll start to understand why he's considered a true legend among the underground.

During his performance we saw that day, something terrible happened. Not bad like finding the wrong card, but honestly terrible and gut-wrenching in the kind of way that sends shivers down your spine. As a performer, I never want to face this. Ever. Right there, I watched it happen to Andrew.

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