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20 September 2015

Toronto: David Ben's "Tricks"

Shamans, ravens, jesters, jugglers, conjurors, and magicians come in all shapes and sizes. In Tricks, David Ben - Soulpepper's resident trickster - presents a concert of magic inspired by an eclectic range of people and events: Frank Sinatra and Telford Fenton; Glenn Gould and Charles Bertram; Harold Lloyd and Harry Houdini; Tom Waits and Erik Satie; Hammer Studio Films and Southern Baptist preachers; and Dai Vernon and the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Ben, recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand artists in the world, will showcase some of the most challenging and seldom-seen pieces of magic, all completely different than last year’s The Conjuror. There is no timeline or plot - just great tricks - comical and mysterious, beautiful and visceral - performed with twists and turns.

Read more and buy tickets using their promo code.

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