11 November 2015

Calling all Canadian magicians!

From Clive Court's Facebook page  (originally posted on September 6):
Calling All Canadian magicians! Can you come up with an act, routine or illusion/effect that could be used to mark/celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday? If so you should video it really soon because following the election on October 19, a new Minister of Canadian Heritage will be appointed to look after the planning of the celebrations. The "60s people" they hire to produce the shows will call on the usual selection of singers and musicians across the country. So, as they will be spending your tax dollars...you deserve fair consideration. So I urge Canada's magicians---and all visual entertainers---to pitch the Department of Heritage's "150th Birthday Celebrations" office with your best "patriotic" material. Make them painfully aware that Canada has a really wide range of talented performers not just singers and musicians. They will be finalizing the plans during the next session of Parliament for budget approval October 2016. And money will be distributed across the country to help local celebrations---so be aware of local committees being formed.

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