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07 November 2015

Grand Master of Magic: Paul Romhany

Congratulations to Paul Romhany who was recently awarded the "Grand Master of Magic Citation" at the 32nd New Zealand International Magicians Convention.

From the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians:
The Grand Master of Magic was first awarded to Edgar the Great Benyon in 1969 and in the forty-six years since then only seventeen names have been added to the list, you Paul Romhany are now the eighteenth member. The criteria for this award is simple : 
“Its purpose is to honour those magicians who are acknowledged by their fellow magicians to be masters of the art and craft of magic. The recipients first and foremost must be magical performers of a high standard. In addition they might be originators of magical effects, or administrators giving time and expertise to running societies and conventions. They could be consistent competition winners, or have an international standing, or be known only in the New Zealand setting. But above all they are people who have served magic well, have graced our art, and made a special contribution over many years.” 

Paul you have been judged to be such a person. A Grand Master of Magic. Congratulations.

Let me share with you a little of Paul’s history in magic.

He was born in 1968 in Auckland. At the age of eight he saw his first Charlie Chaplin movie, The Circus, attended a live magic show, and became interested in ventriloquism. He joined the Shore City Magicians Club, an Auckland magic society with an emphasis on youth. At the age of twelve Paul won his first talent quest and began to perform semi-professionally. He is still a member of the Shore City Magicians Club and was its President for many years. He maintains a lively interest in the society and has donated copies of most of his published books and many magic tricks and props to the Shore magicians.

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