02 January 2016

Who was the most watched illusionist of 2015?

The folks over at iTricks have been looking at back at the 2015 magic video stats.  They searched "for the most viewed YouTube video on 2015 featuring the keyword ILLUSIONIST."

The results?  A "video of Darcy Oake on the BBC that gathered about a million and a half views."  (Unfortunately, I could not find a link to the video to which they are referring.)

Way to go Darcy!

Speaking of Darcy, the CBC has video footage of his "'most death-defying' act to date at London's New Year's Day parade."

From the CBC:
Oake, who was born and raised in Winnipeg, pulled off what he calls "literally the most death-defying escape that I've ever done or ever attempted" at the end of the 30th annual parade, performing for hundreds of thousands of spectators in the U.K.

Before bringing to life the parade's theme — 30 years of magic — Oake explained how he would escape and avoid drowning.

Read more and watch video.

[via Clive Court]

 CNN has video of Darcy talking about the stunt.

And here's a great photo taken by Carey Lauder of Darcy doing the same stunt in Winnipeg!

From Carey's Facebook page:

Fiona Gourlay has added me to the landscape and nature challenge, I will work on that right away. But for now here is a shot from Darcy Oake's Edge of Reality tour that finished in Winnipeg this last Friday.
Posted by James Carey Lauder on Sunday, 6 December 2015

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