19 February 2016

Dan McLean Jr. in "Guelph Today" and reviewed in "Jamsphere"

Dan McLean Jr. found his singing voice in a farmhouse near Putnam, ON., back when he was a teenager. 
Anyone within earshot at that time could feel Dan’s soul from bootstrap to cowlick. Audiences feel about the same now when the soul-pop singer/songwriter belts it out.
McLean Jr. arrived in Guelph from Toronto a couple of years ago. His father was ailing with Alzheimer’s disease, and his mother needed a hand. When his father passed away, 
Dan took it hard. Sadness over the loss gave way to depression. The only way out, he said in an interview, was to sing his way out. 
New songs have emerged, one of them, “I’ve Seen Love,” was recently released on about 30 music streaming and downloading services, and on YouTube. Others songs will follow. 
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From Jamsphere:
Fate would have it that Dan McLean Jr’s homepage somehow unfolded before my eyes prior to his Soundcloud stream opening. So I came, I saw…and then heard. So what happens when you see a slightly balding, greying and bearded middle-aged man, with a guitar and a microphone at hand? Well, you imagine the sound dummy! Is this a semi-retired rock hero, a lovesick country balladeer or a well-traveled, folk-styled troubadour?

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