06 March 2016

Calgary: The Amazing Magic Show - WowFest 2016

From the Calgary Sun:
A Calgary magician hopes to help make some families' money woes disappear with a budget-conscious show.

With thousands of Calgarians experiencing layoffs, Ryan Pilling knows there's little discretionary cash for activities and outings. So the producer of the WowFest Magic Arts Festival is waiving the regular $15 ticket for its main event and letting families decide what they can afford, with a minimum of $5.

"I've always wanted to make it affordable. It's not a hoity-toity artsy attitude," said Pilling. "As a festival producer, it's important to get more people out. This has always been a labour of love for me and the magicians involved."

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From The Amazing Magic Show - WowFest 2016 Facebook event:
8 March

WowFest bring The Amazing Magic Show to the Cardel Theatre in Quarry Park.

Two Shows! 5:30 PM and 7 PM

This all ages show presents mystery, comedy, and magic in a jam-packed hour of entertainment that is enjoyable for all ages. Amazing skill, jaw-dropping magic that will fool even the eagle-eyed audience members, and lots of fun make it a great, and affordable evening out.

For the past three years, WowFest has been hosting sold-out shows like this at the reasonable ticket price of $15 dollars. With tough times for some Calgary families, we wanted to make sure nobody misses out. You can pick your own price for the tickets this year. While we think the show is well worth $15, we want you to bring the whole family at what you can afford.

Please make some magic for more families by bringing a donation for the Calgary Food Bank. A donation drop box is located in the lobby.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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