30 April 2016

Montreal: Jon Allen lecture

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Monday May 2nd

Jon Allen: “Who cares about magic?”
In this lecture, multi-award winning magician Jon Allen will not only teach you some fantastic, original magic, but how to make your audience CARE about your performance, prviding them with an unforgettable experience. During the lecture, you’ll learn:
  • The Wedding Trick: THE definitive wedding trick for happy couples around the world
  • 1 Trick 2 Names: Jon’s solution to the “Dream Card” effect that makes it even stronger
  • Grabbit Production: A new way to produce any manner of different objects
  • Burning Rubber: A full rubber band routine perfect for walk around or table work, including the restoration of a band around a spectator’s wrist
  • Schrödinger’s Card: Jon’s controversial card effect that leaves people with an impossible object and a memory they will never forget.
There are no knuckle-busting, sleight-heavy routines. Jon is more interested in routines that capture people’s imaginations and makes them care about magic! You will also receive many tips and a lot of advice about performing magic, whatever style you perform.

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