14 April 2016

St. Albert: Sheldon Casavant "Exploring the Impossible"

From the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival:
Sheldon Casavant:  Exploring the Impossible

Children are fascinated by magic – longing to become their own magnificent magicians. With sleight of hand and mind-captivating illusions, Edmonton's Sheldon Casavant shares his own story of discovery as he redefines magic in this logic-defying, mind-bending performance.

Borrowed items vanish and reappear, inanimate objects are brought to life, and kids are called on to perform outrageous feats. Casavant uses the art of magic to inspire curiosity and courage to imagine the impossible.

Tuesday, May 31
Wednesday, June 1    
Thursday, June 2    
Friday, June 3    
Saturday, June 4

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