18 June 2016

McSorley & Chung Magic Hour interviewed at Bad Feeling

From Bad Feeling magazine:
Grant McSorley & Derrick Chung are two scholars in engineering and mathematics, respectively, whose 10+ years friendship grew out of a love of magic while working together behind-the-scenes for renowned magicians.

With years of magical knowledge, part of which were imparted by some of the best illusionists in the world, they debuted their first two-person show at the Black Theatre Workshop last Friday and played a sold-out show on Saturday, where they amazed audiences with their twists on the effects that have sparked their own love for the craft. Complemented with their teaching backgrounds, their approach to the realms of the known and the baffling has always been to engage their audiences and pupils.
None of that male chauvinism of lovely assistants as eye-candy, no boxes sawed in half. This is stripped down sleight of hand prestidigitation down to its fundamental basics, performed in front of an intimate crowd reminiscent of parlor sessions during the heydays of vaudeville. Feel like a kid again full of wonderment, this is magic accessible to all!

I had the chance to nerd out with these two about magic & the known realm…

Read more and catch McSorley and Chung at the Montreal Fringe.

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