27 July 2016

Did you catch the Magic Master Summit*?

Magic Master Summit affiliate  
Did you catch any of the presentations in last week's Magic Master Summit?  Try as I might, I didn't get to see them all.  (A big shout out to Kidlet and KOP for their patience with me as I gorged on magic videos.)

If you missed some or all of the free event last week, fear not!  You can purchase a "LIFETIME PASS," and watch the entire event, from beginning to end, over and over, as many times as you like, for less than $6.57 per lecture!  (Dave Womach's even offering up a 100% Money Back Guarantee.)

Get Your LIFETIME ACCESS before August 1, 2016 and Save $100!

All 30+ Lectures, $197 USD.
(After Aug 1, 2016 Price is $297)
Some of the videos I watched:
  • Rick Thomas (Performance and Personality):  I could have used some of his advice back in my high school days.
  • Bill Gladwell (How to make $380,000 / year by "2-walling"):  Interesting contract advice.
  • Dr. Joe Vitale (Easy and OUtrageous Marketing Techniques):  Enough said.
  • Shawn Farquhar (Making Magic More Memorable):  Are you a tuxedo person, or a coverall person?)
  • Chris Randall (Magic and Street Busking):  The video includes instructions on two effects.
  • Greg Frewin (The Creative Process):  Greg shared his interesting tactic to get creative time during his cruise performance days.
  • Murray SawChuck (Marketing and PR for Entertainers):  Do you agree with Murray's "random call" theory?
  • Glen Foster (How to build a HUGE Fanbase):  Don't for get to take advantage of his discount for people who have seen this talk.
  • Robert Stephens (Secrets to Six-Figure Strolling Magic):  Fun listening to him describe when things literally hit the fan.
  • David Farr and Brad Ross (Internet Marketing and Lead Generation):  Giving away to Magic Master Summit attendees, for FREE, an information package valued at close to $200!)
  • Theresa McLean (Secrets to Costuming):  Fun stories and great costuming advice.

Purchase your lifetime access today, before prices go up!

* Disclosure: I am a Magic Master Summit Affiliate and I am eligible to make a commission with every sale made using the links posted on this site.

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