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04 July 2016

Have you registered for the 2016 Magic Master Summit*?

Magic Master Summit affiliate  
Updated November 2017 to add:

Back in May, I shared with you information about the 2016 Magic Master Summit, a FREE online magic convention featuring more than 30 presentations, from more than 24 experts, totaling more than 50 hours of incredible secrets!

Did I mention, it's completely FREE, July 18-22, 2016?

Here's the tentative schedule:

Monday - July 18, 2016
  • Rick Thomas
  • Brad Ross
  • Dan Sperry
  • Bill Gladwell
  • JC Sum

Tuesday - July 19, 2016
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Dr. Joe Vitale
  • Kristoffer Olson
  • Justino Zoppe
  • Chris and Neal
  • Chris Randall
  • Jim Gravina

Wednesday - July 20, 2016
  • Greg Frewin
  • Murray SawChuck
  • David DaVinci
  • Steven Yerardi
  • JC Sum
  • Glen Foster

Thursday - July 21, 2016
  • Reza
  • Josh Knotts
  • Brad Ross
  • David Farr
  • Stacey Smithson

Friday - July 22, 2016
  • Josh Knotts
  • Wacky Chad
  • Ken Weber
  • Kyle Knight and Mistie
  • Justino Zoppe

From what I understand, the sessions are each free for 24 hours, then after that if you want to purchase access to them, you'll have the ability to go back to review them.

What are you waiting for?  Register at Magic Master Summit today!

* Disclosure: I am a Magic Master Summit Affiliate and I am eligible to make a commission with every sale made using the links posted on this site.

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