08 July 2016

Mike Fisher on being a magician

From Mike Fisher's Facebook note*:
To be a magician it seems to me,
you have to get good at things others can’t see.
Practice for hours when you’d rather go out,
Explain to the client what your shows all about.
Create a performance to fit a challenging budget,
Perform for a crowd that can’t help but judge it.

To be a magician performing shows can be tough,
some times your best just isn’t enough.
Arrive at a venue with no sound system inside her,
Argue with the client it was on the rider.
Set up your show and learn most of it won’t fit,
weeks of rehearsals all gone to sh*t. 
To be a magician and perform for the public,
often does terrible things to ones stomach.
Unruly children and parents who don’t care,
heads tilted downward into phones they stare.
Volunteers from the audience who’d rather not join you,
disrupt your act and often upstage you. 
To be a magician running a business is hard,
no one is begging for my contact card.
Facebook adds are expensive, Newspaper’s dead,
I’m never sure if my twitter feed’s read.
Cleaning my suit and repairing an old prop,
buying new magic spending won’t stop.
To be a magician and have a great show,
is a powerful drug that many can’t know.
The feeling you get when an effect goes right,
smiles from the audience -- a beautiful sight.
Line ups for autographs, people asking for more,
Inquiring about your next stop on the tour.
To be a magician is a wonderful thing, sometimes you cry, sometimes you sing.

* Reprinted with permission from Mike.

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