14 July 2016

Toronto: Suzanne lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Saturday August 13th, 2016
"Suzanne has a kind of cool, sweet authority that assures any audience that they are in the hands of a real pro." ~ Teller
For those of you who are unfamiliar, Suzanne is well-studied in the art of magic and has the skills and experience to approach her performance like a musician approaches Jazz. Her style is rooted in her heart - she is bright-eyed, attractive and fun.

She can hold an audience without her magic. Suzanne is more than likable; she personifies charisma. She makes shy people shine and bold people laugh.

People don't like Suzanne when she performs, they love her. When she takes the stage, the typical persona of a magic performer is far, far away. Rather than adopt the currently-popular character of a frantic used car salesman when performing magic, Suzanne is herself: feminine, funny, wise, direct and, above all, delighted to be performing for the audience. This core positively is contagious, and it radiates from Suzanne.

Fresh from her recent appearance on the ever-popular Penn & Teller FOOL US show, Suzanne visits Toronto with her acclaimed close-up lecture. Suzanne shares strong advice and magic that can only come after decades of experience. She also plans to share some of her favorite effects that have helped her achieve success in her career. Come to this lecture & learn great magic that you will use.

As a bonus, Suzanne offers up her personal formula for success that has made her one of America's foremost restaurant performers. She's ready to teach the tips and tricks on how to get resident performing positions.

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