04 August 2016

Lee Asher in the Daily Herald

From the Daily Herald:
"There are thousands of us, my friend, worldwide," says Lee Asher, 40, president of 52 Plus Joker (52PlusJoker.org), the playing-card collectors club coming to the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg Oct. 20-22 for the group's Annual Playing Card Collectors Convention. "We're kind of the Comic-Con for playing cards."

While euchre is believed to have led to the addition of the joker to modern decks, to collectors, cards are so much more than finding a decent euchre deck.

"Most every world event that's ever happened since the dawn of time has been documented on a playing card," says Asher, a professional magician from Toronto. "If you can think of something that happened, it's probably on a playing card."

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