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27 September 2016

Toronto: Lawrence Hass lecture and workshop

From the The Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club (IBM Ring 17) Facebook page:
You really don't want to miss this one.

Upcoming lecture for October 6th:
Lawrence Hass
Performing Magic with More Impact

October 8th, 1PM. Enrollment will be limited.

There is an essential difference between performances that create an experience of magic and those that feel like “a trick.” For nearly twenty years Lawrence Hass has been writing and teaching magicians about this difference to help them create better, more impactful magic. His new book on this subject, Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence, has been receiving extraordinary praise from master magicians, such as Lance Burton, Mac King, and Juan Tamariz.

In this lecture for magicians Larry will share several fundamental ideas for increasing the impact of your magic by performing and teaching a number of real-world routines from his professional repertoire—routines that typically astonish magicians as well! Among the topics to be covered are: audience involvement, deep method, improving conviction, opening the show, among others.

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