29 October 2016

Shawn Farquhar in Forbes

From Forbes:
“What famous magicians do and what birthday party and local magicians do is, at the heart of it, the same thing,” he says. “The only difference is some have been discovered while the others haven’t.”

Just because these more minor gig mean less elaborate tricks and smaller audiences–whether for children at a school, private parties or corporate events–it can still mean money.

Take Shawn Farquhar, for example, the ex-president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians–a society of about 15,000 magicians, 20% of whom are professionals. He says that a magician’s best-kept secret is usually his unexpectedly high earnings.

“Most can make $100,000, no problem, especially if you’re in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago and doing corporate events” he says of professional magicians. While this six figure salary may be a fraction of the $64 million made by David Copperfield (the world’s highest-paid magician), it is still quite a respectable salary.

In his best years, Farquhar makes about ...

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