15 December 2016

Broken wand: Keith Hunter

If you've attended any community events in the Orangeville area within the last decade, there is no doubt you have come across Keith Hunter.

He is the one wearing the striped jacket, a robust red bowtie and his beige cap. Hunter’s “Touch of Magic” magician stand and the props for his tricks are usually close by.

The Orangeville and surrounding area’s resident magician for the last decade won’t be seen at these public events anymore.

After dying at home with his wife of 60 years holding his hand last Thursday, Hunter’s family and friends gathered in Orangeville for his funeral on Tuesday (Dec. 13). Hunter, who was one of the Rotary Club of Orangeville’s longest serving members, was 89 years old.

“The #Orangeville community said goodbye to an original today,” tweeted Dufferin-Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones. “Keith Hunter's memorial captured a special Father, Dad, #Magician #Rotarian.”

Hunter was one of Canada’s eldest practicing magicians. For more than a decade, he had performed over 1,000 magic shows across the country.

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