31 January 2017

5th edition of the Quebec Magic Festival Contest

From Jean-Luc Rivard:
MAY 4-5-6-7, 2017 in Quebec City .

Non refundable $45 (plus taxes) registration fee to process your file and have the Selection Committee evaluate your video.

Deadline for registration: March 3, 2017, 5 p.m.

Provide a Web address where we can see you perform for the first evaluation by the Selection Committee.

First Web Evaluation
  • Between March 3 and March 28, 2017.
  • Four members of the Selection Committee will evaluate the videos.
  • Choice of numbers for the pre-gala.
  • Several finalists will be chosen per category.
  • The Selection Committee may decide that there are not enough contestants and cancel a category.
  • Names of finalists selected by category will be listed on the FMQ website on April 2, 2017.

Presentation of Numbers on Stage during the Pre-gala in Quebec City.
  • Finalists must present their number in Quebec City in front of jury on May 2,  2017.
  • A presentation schedule will be emailed to the finalists April 10, 2017.
  • Finalists can refuse the invitation anytime time. Finalists who refuse the invitation will be disqualified.
  • All winners per category will be invited to participate in the magic contest gala.
  • One winner per category will be chosen by the jury.
  • Winners of each category will be awarded $500.

Festival de magie management’s “Coup de Coeur” award: at its sole discretion, Festival de magie du Québec management reserves the right to admit a contestant to the gala competition. This contestant will not be eligible for the $1 500 award.

Choice of the Overall Winner by the Five Members of the Jury
From among the winners of the five categories, the magician who receives the most points from the five members of the jury will win the Michel Cailloux Grand Prize and the award of $1 500.

New for 2017 

    •    The "Kids show" category is back in 2017
    ◦    A $500 prize will be awarded to the « kids show » category winner 

    •    You can buy pictures of your competition act
    ◦    For $50,00 + tx you will have professional pictures of your act.  These pictures will be very useful to promote yourself. 

    •    You can buy the video of your competition act
    ◦    For $150,00 + tx you will receive a video of your competition act.  3 robotic cameras will be used resulting in 4K images.  Imagine having a professional video for your web site promotion and to present your act to other competition registrations. 

    •    One of the participants of the under 18 years old category could win a scholarship to the Jeff McBride magic school in Las Vegas.  Value of $800,00 US.

    •    All under 18 years old competitor will be in the same category which will include stage and close-up magic.

Thank you Jean-Luc for sending this information along!

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