31 January 2017

Top 5 posts in January 2017

Out of the 40+ posts at Canada's Magic this month, here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Toronto: Roy Kueppers and Luiz Castro - Sorry I missed this. How'd it go?
4. Sorcerers Safari 2016: Dear Mike and Jen - I can't say enough good things about Sorcerers Safari.  Or put into words how sad I am to know it's over.
3. More names announced for PCAM/CAM convention, April 20-23, 2017 - It's shaping up to be a fabulous event!
2. Introducing the "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award - I introduced it.  And you made it happen!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Vote now for the 2016 Readers' Choice award - Congratulations again to Steven Lafond, Mahdi Gilbert, Matt DiSero, and Murray & Teresa Hatfield for being recognized by your peers as being inspirational!

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