25 March 2017

Brandon and Prince George: Ty Reveen

See Ty at the WMCA in Brandon on March 25 and in Vanier Hall in Prince George on April 1st.

From the Prince George Citizen:
Pushing the mental buttons of Canada is now a best-selling tradition for one Canadian family.

Like his father before him, the name Reveen is now being worn by a hypno-entertainer who is touring the nation, wowing audiences from coast to coast with a combination of comedy and feats of the human mind.

Organizers call the Reveen experience "the most popular show in the history of Canadian theatre," for its longevity and public appeal over the two generations it's gone on. An estimated audience of more than six million viewers have taken in the first generation of performances, and now those numbers are set to grow.

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From the Facebook page of Reveen the Legend Continues:

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