27 March 2017

Shane Cobalt on Erdnase

From Shane Cobalt's Facebook page:
I just wrote this as a comment to someone asking "Who's Erdnase" and thought it might be interesting to a wider audience.

Let's pretend this is a real question.

The first answer, which will assume you know about the book and are just looking for the identity, is still a mystery. As it stands, I am of the mindset that Marty Demarest has found the most current convincing candidate with Wilbur Edgarton Sanders. However, everyone is speculating and as Erdnase never actually came to get the books from the printer, I believe we are in a position where we may never truly know with 100% certainty who Erdnase truly was. Unfortunate really.

That being said, let's assume you are asking the greater over arching question that many new to the field ask. What/Who is Erdnase (all about).

A relatively small book was published in 1902 under the name S.W. Erdnase. A pseudonym name we assume of the author.

While there is a lot of mystery and searching going on regarding who he was, let's discuss what the book is, why it's important, and what you can expect from it.

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