01 April 2017

That's all she wrote

With the publication of yesterday's piece on Murray SawChuck meeting The Twins, I've officially published that last scrap of new news about Canadian magicians and magic happening in Canada.

Between you and me, I'm surprised we covered it all in just over six short years!  I thought it would have taken longer.

A shout out to all of my sponsors, past and present.  That means you: Magic Information CanadaRyan PillingClive CourtPerfect MagicThe Browser's Den of Magic, The Amazing Corbin, and Michael Close.

Thanks also to all of the blog's official friends, past and present.  That's you:  John Smithman, John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, and Ted & Marion Outerbridge.

And of course thank you, dear readers, for your company on this fabulous journey!

I kid!  We've only just seen the tip of the iceburg.

It's Saturday April 1st and I'm spending the day at the 3rd annual Browser's Bash.  Keep your eye on the blog and Twitter for updates on how the day is progressing!

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