18 April 2017

Toronto: Karl Hein lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

Sunday, May 21

Karl Hein is known all over the world for his amazing ability.

The routines that he will perform and teach at the lecture are audience tested in front of laymen.

Karl will use many of his routines to teach basic and advanced moves and principles of magic and misdirection.

And most importantly you will learn his 'Go with the Flow' approach as Karl provides alternate handlings to meet varying skill levels and explains how to change routines depending on your audience conditions.

You will be presented with routines with cards, coins, bills, ropes and cream filled goodies.

You will learn:  Heinsight (Open Prediction);  Square Deal (Magic  Square); False Shuffles & Cuts; Heiny 500;  Just Say Twinkie; Rainmaker; Cube FX (Rubik's Cube Routine); Three Degrees of Separation;  Hein's Catch Up (Updated Copper, Brassk, Silver routine) and if time permitting...even more!
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