13 June 2017

New Westminster: David Groves lecture

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook post:
Wednesday June 14, 2017

My local magic club, celebrating its 75th anniversary is hosting a lecture.

The Vancouver Magic Circle is proud to welcome DAVID GROVES to the 2017 Lecture Series!

Our beautiful raked lecture hall allows for optimal visibility in ANY seat, as well as an individual writing surface. (or TWO if you spread out)

David Groves has lectured in 90 cities around the world, from New York to Las Vegas to Anchorage to Dublin to Sydney to Hong Kong and beyond. He has a broad range of magic to draw from. He will be teaching card, coin, restaurant, mentalism, and of course, street magic tricks.

His 1998 book, Be a Street Magician: A How-To Guide, covered busking, and he has lots of tricks that work great in that venue as well. With outside-the-box thinking (like offbeat index work and advanced psychological ploys) everyone will walk away from the lecture with something valuable.

He has inherited one-of-a-kind work from his great-uncle, a professional gambling cheat in the 1940’s. The highlights of his mentalism are his center tear, his magic square, and his pre-show work.
 He has even developed a sure fire way for tableside workers to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THEIR TIPS, which is a ploy backed up by scientific research. Much of that work is contained within his massive new 400-page e-book, The View from the Red Spot.

David Regal called his closer “the best ending to a show I’ve seen in years.” and he will be performing this for us at the lecture!

Read more and buy tickets.

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