14 July 2017

Toronto: Michael Close lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

Magic Theory, or Magic Fact? Let's Find Out.
Michael Close Lecture - August 13, 2017

Dear Denizens,

All of us here at Browser's are certain that Mr. Close's brand new Magic Theory Lecture will be a truly inspiring and fun event at our shop. We are convinced that it will have a long lasting effect on your magic journey.

In short...it may be the most important lecture you will ever have an opportunity to see.

Some of the topics that he will be covering in great detail will be...
  • What is theory?
  • Your definition of magic
  • The Power of a Real Magician
  • Conviction
  • Assumptions
  • Scripting vs. Not Scripting
  • Who (or What) Has the Power?
  • Control, Repose, and Chaos
  • and much more. (There may even be a trick or two.)
Michael Close has a worldwide reputation in the magic community as an author, a creator, a performer, and a consultant. He has been a student of the conjuring arts for over fifty years, and has been performing professionally since 1978. His specialty is sleight-of-hand, close-up magic, but he also has extensive experience in stand-up magic. He has lectured and performed for audiences around the world.

Read more and buy tickets.

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