19 April 2018

Wishing "Magic Mike" Segal a speedy recovery

Mike Segal recently had a significant cardiac misadventure (heart attack).  The good news is that he's home from the hospital and recovering well.

From Jen:
Feel free to email or message him.  Talking seems to take his breath away, so please no phone calls. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery Mike!

Regina: Murray the Magician

From Casino Regina:
April 20, 2018

Murray the Magician - As seen on Pawn Stars, America's Got Talent & YouTube!

Murray who is currently headlining at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas strip nightly really made his mark as a household name when he exploded onto the entertainment scene after his successful run as a semi-finalist on NBC-TV’s “America’s Got Talent.” The #1 network summer series was viewed by over 22 million fans nationwide. Murray dazzled the judges: Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel by producing a Ferrari from thin air, transforming a girl locked in a cage into a 450 pound tiger and did the largest trick ever on “AGT” by vanishing an entire 1918 steam train locomotive in mere seconds. All of these illusions took place before a “live” and national “TV” audience, and brought standing ovations from the judges.

Murray has won over 32 awards for his performances nationally and internationally and received the title of “World Champion.”  He has delighted audiences in theatres from Monaco and Paris to Las Vegas and the legendary Playboy Mansion.  Recently he was honored with 4 awards, The Hollywood FAME Award for contribution to Magic on TV, the LA Comedy Award for BEST COMEDY SHOW, TOP 100 Business Men of Nevada and 100 Most Distinguished Men of Nevada.

Read more and buy tickets.

18 April 2018

Calgary: Piff the Magic Dragon

From The Laugh Shop Calgary:
May 10-12, 2018

Piff the Magic Dragon – The stand out star of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, imagine Larry David in a dragon suit performing jaw-dropping magic tricks and you’re on the right track. With over 12 million YouTube hits to his name Piff has performed to hundreds of thousands of people in preposterous venues such as Radio City Music Hall, the O2, London, and Sydney Opera House. His sidekick Mr Piffles, The World’s First Magic Performing Chihuahua has been levitated, laminated, shackled in a straitjacket and shot out of a cannon all in the name of entertainment. Just one thing: They don’t do Children’s Parties.

Read more and buy tickets.

17 April 2018

Matt Johnson's BGT audition

From the April 14th article "Who is Britain’s Got Talent’s daring escape artist Matt Johnson?" by Matthew Trask at Radio Times:
Matt’s career began in his hometown of Sheffield, where he cut his teeth as a street magician and illusionist.

In his 20-year-long career leading to the Britain’s Got Talent stage, he traversed the globe performing his unique style of illusion and his daring escapes to audiences around the world.

Matt auditioned with the same audacious trick for BGT in 2017. Unfortunately, the tank he was using broke leaving the stage flooded.
Read more.

From the Britian's Got Talent YouTube channel:

16 April 2018

Toronto: Browser's Den hours pre-Bash

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:

Subject: Limited Shop Hours This Week
Dear Magic Friends,
Due to the 'Bash' this week we have very limited Browser's Den Store Hours.
As many of you know we bring about 80% of the shop inventory to the 'Bash'. We need the extra time to pack up and transport the inventory to the hotel.
(So sorry for the inconvenience.)

Monday April 16- CLOSED
Tuesday April 17- 10am to 7pm
Wednesday April 18- 10am to 7pm
Thursday April 19- CLOSED
Friday, April 20- CLOSED
Saturday, April 21- CLOSED
Sunday, April 22- CLOSED
Thank you- The Browser's Den Team

15 April 2018

Ottawa: Magic Monday - Zach & Steve!

From the April 30th Facebook event Magic Monday - Zach & Steve!:
Magic Monday returns for one final performance before an indefinite hiatus, so let's go out with a bang!!

This month will be our "Comic Book Edition" of Magic Monday. All of our guests will be gifted free comic books in celebration of Free Comic Book Day on May 5th! Courtesy of The Comic Book Shoppe 2

Headlining the show are Zach & Steve - Comedy Magic Duo! Opening up for them is the incredible Luc Leduc - The Duke of Magic and hosted by the creator of the show, Steven Lafond.

Read more.

14 April 2018

Reviews: Luc Langevin's "Now tomorrow"

From the April 12th article "Luc Langevin still spectacular" by Sandra Godin in le Journal de Quebec, translated by Google:

Amazement and incomprehension: two feelings that will invade you constantly during this second show of Luc Langevin, who concocted us ten new spectacular illusions, between telepathy, teleportation and levitation.

The public remained speechless after the illusionist had teleported a spectator locked in a safe, at the end of the first media of Now tomorrow , which was held Thursday at Albert-Rousseau Hall. It was just before he levitated up the stage.

The master of illusion retains its title with numbers that combine mathematics, science, technology, projections and optical illusions, at the end as fascinating as each other.

Read moreRead original.

From the April 13th article "Luc Langevin: The magic of illusions" by Virginie Landry in Journal Metro, translated by Google:
"Everyone knows that magic does not exist." It is on this statement that Luc Langevin begins his new book, The science of illusion , in which he decrypts his art through scientific concepts. But we have a hard time believing that there is not an ounce of magic in what he does ...

"In my wildest dreams, I was hoping to go there, but I did not expect to get there in such a short time," says the magician, who is celebrating his 10-year career this year. In the last decade, Luc Langevin has animated As Magic , At the Limits of Illusion , Defying Magic , as well as several specials with local artists and documentaries. He also put on his first indoor show and released three board games. Phew. "When I look at all this, I think I was productive!" He laughs. (And he wants us to believe that there is no magic in there? Anyway ...)

In 2018, question of being as busy as in recent years, the magician launches a second show indoors, Now tomorrow , and a first book. The purpose of this book? "I wanted to lift the veil on some physical phenomena that I use. I found that these methods or phenomena were almost more interesting than the tricks I make with them. "In doing so, Luc Langevin wanted to give magic its nobility so that people understand that" it's not just clowning. to entertain children "is an art.

Read moreRead original.

From the April 13th article "Luc Langevin: believe in the impossible" by Sandra Godin in le Soleil, translated by Google:
In the Tomorrow Today program, Luc Langevin notes that his way of practicing his job as a "creator of illusions" has changed since his first show: "My scientific knowledge still inspires my illusions, but I learned that to reach the the brain of the public, sometimes you have to go through the heart. "

And that's exactly what he's doing with this new show: his numbers are still as surprising and spectacular as they are ... human and sincere, and tell a story. Including that of this extremely shy boy that was the little Luc Langevin, for whom magic was a lifesaver ...

And although the magical numbers of the illusionist are (of course) the nerve of the war of this evening staged by René-Richard Cyr, we must say that the success of the company is very much based on the likeable and endearing personality of Luc Langevin, and the constant dialogue he sets up with his audience.

Read moreRead original.

13 April 2018

Maple Ridge: Shawn Farquhar

From the April 11th article "Two-time world champion of magic to perform in Maple Ridge" by Colleen Flanagan in the Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadow News:
All money from the show is going to the dry grad which will have a Roaring 20’s theme with video games, a dance and other activities being organized by Laurel Ross, head of the dry grad committee.

“They have a hypnotist coming in, which is even funnier because the hypnotist used to be my high school teacher from Victoria,” said Farquhar who is doing another show that night.

There are only 210 tickets available for the nights performance and 100 tickets have already been sold. Farquhar also donated 200 of his DVDs that will be for sale the night of.

The show is suitable to people of all ages which Farquhar says is great because, “parents can bring younger kids so they can demystify the high school in advance.”

Secrets the Magic Show takes place at 7 p.m. on Apr. 21 at Westview secondary, 20905 Wicklund Ave. in Maple Ridge.

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at eventbrite.ca. For more information, go to secretstheshow.com.

Read more.

12 April 2018

ReginaCadabra: Save the dates!

Stay tuned for the talent announcement!

From ReginaCadabra:
The ReginaCadabra Magic Festival, North America's Premiere Magic Festival will be held July 25-28, 2018.

11 April 2018

The Illusionists: MB, SK, AB, BC, ON

From The Illusionists Live:

Read more and buy tickets.

From the April 9th article 'Works like magic: Illusionists get to shine in "roller-coaster" show' by Cam Fuller in the Saskatoon Starphoenix:
“The Avengers of magic.” That’s what Jeff Hobson feels like as part of The Illusionists.

The necromantic spectacular features stars in five disciplines, from traditional magic to mind-reading: The Inventor Kevin James, The Deductionist Colin Cloud, The Manipulator An Ha Lim and Hobson, the Trickster.

“We’ve been all over the world and this is our first chance to get to the western side of Canada, which is great,” said Hobson.

“I love Canada. We always have great audiences. We just finished in Ottawa for a week and did Toronto for a month back in December.”

Read more.

10 April 2018

Pacific Coast Association of Magicians 2018

Trevor and Lorena Watters are among the names announced for the 2018 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) convention, August 9th - 12th!  Also announced are Master Payne, Chris Capehart, Kayla Drescher, and Joshua Jay.

Visit PCAMBakersfield.com for more information and to register.

09 April 2018

St. Augustin de Desmaures: "Le Désir," directed by Jean-Luc Rivard

From Eventbrite:
Le Désir , une comédie de l’auteur québécois Michel Marc Bouchard .

Sous la direction de Jean-Luc Rivard mettant en scène Brigitte Lepage , Fanny Truchon , Tanya Rancourt , Vincent Bédard , Jean-Philippe Delage et Bernard Guay .

Le « désir » , sous-entendu dans son acception d'attirance pour une autre personne , est un puissant moteur de l'espèce humaine qui accélère le pouls et active la circulation sanguine.

Sous la plume aiguisée de Michel Marc Bouchard, voilà que le désir devient en outre un instrument qui chatouille la rate et actionne les mécanismes du rire .

- Vendredi 18 mai 2018 à 20 h.
- Samedi 19 mai 2018 à 20 h.
- Vendredi 25 mai 2018 à 20 h.
- Samedi 26 mai 2018 à 20 h.

Read more and buy tickets.

08 April 2018

Bangladesh International Magic Convention 2018

Ariann Black and Dean Gunnarson will be performing at the gala!

From the Bangladesh International Magic Convention:

26, 27 & 28 April 2018

Such international grandiloquent wizardry event will take place for the first time in Bangladesh with the spur-of-the-moment participation of world-renowned magicians like Safir Ullah Sikder, Dean Gunnarson, Ariann Black, Fukai, Albert Tam, Mamada, Bond Lee,  Ma Yan Yan, Keanu Ho, Dr. Man, Myungjoon Lee, Lee Jei Min, B.S.Reddy, Ali Magician, Venu Samala, Raj Kumar, Dominico Danta, Walter Rolfo,  and other famous magicians from more than fifteen (15) countries including Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Canada, the USA & other countries around the world.

Read more.

07 April 2018

Winnipeg: A Family Day of Magic

From Carey Lauder's Facebook page:

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06 April 2018

Montreal: Garrett Thomas lecture

Of course, those of you with tickets to the Browser's Bash will see Garrett lecture on April 21st.

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Wed April 18

If you care about magic as an art, you MUST see Garrett Thomas. Why do you do what you do? Do you want to take it to the next level? Just spend some time with Garrett, and you will soon learn how to further your magic in simplicity, clarity, and most importantly, how to evoke astonishment.

You will learn some of the effects that have made Garrett a favorite amongst top magicians. Also, learn many touches to be applied to your own magic.

Read more and buy tickets.

Toronto: Garrett Thomas One Man Show

From the Facebook page of the Toronto Magic Company: A note to subscribers: the content of this post is embedded from another website and is not available to preview. To view the content of the post, please visit http://CanadasMagic.blogspot.com. Some of the embedded code may be visible in this notification.

Toronto: Extra! Extra! Free magic club

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Hi Denizens,

Friendly reminder that this Saturday, April 7 at 2:30pm is our next Free Magic Club Meeting.

This will be a special one as a newspaper reporter is coming by to do interviews with you our magic club members.

All are welcome.

Thank you-Jeff's & The Browser's Den Team.

05 April 2018

Calgary: Magic Weekend of Amazement

Mark April 14th in your calendars!

From the Magic Weekend of Amazement Facebook event:

A Weekend of Magic at the Pumphouse Theatre featuring the most amazing magicians from the Calgary area that deliver a variety of magic shows for all ages.

Pick a show, any show, and you'll experience a show that will have you both amazed and laughing.

Saturday - 3 PM: The Calgary Magic Circle Variety Show featuring a cast of half a dozen magicians, each showing you their best mystery! You'll see a broad mix of styles that is sure to offer something for everyone.

Saturday - 6 PM: Ryan Pilling, improvisational comedian and magician presents his Show of Wonders. This magic show will have you laughing out loud, and scratching your head with impossible stunts.
Read more.

04 April 2018

Thank you to our April 2018 friends!

Thank you to John Smithman, John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, The Outerbridges, and Ian Crawford for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

Donations of any size are always welcome.

Thank you to our April 2018 sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.

This site would not be possible without their backing.

We're grateful to have the support of:

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For more information about purchasing Sponsored Posts or about our Platinum, Gold, or Silver level sponsorships, please visit our Sponsorship page.

Or you can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

Donations of any size are always welcome.

* This book is intended for mature audiences.

03 April 2018

Three more days to get your nominations in!

Delighted to see so many of you celebrating talented people past and present in your nominations for the top 10 Canadian magicians of all time!

We have FIFTY fabulous nominees.

If you don't see your favourite on the list, submit your nominations in the comment form on the post "Who are the top 10 Canadian magicians of all time?"* by 11:59PM EDT on Friday April 6th.  You may nominate as many Canadian magicians as you like.  (Number of nominations don't influence the vote.  If you see your choice(s) listed, please refrain from submitting duplicates.)

Thanks for playing!

* or email me.  I'll send a confirmation back to let you know I received your email. 

Rounding the Western rings in April 2018

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- Magic Circle Variety show.
- Meeting.
- Make Magic
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- TBA
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- TBA
Fraser Valley, BCIBM Ring 387 (Fraser Valley Magic Circle, Celeste Evans Ring)- General meeting.
- Third Monday Magic.
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- TBA
Vancouver, BCSAM 95  (Carl Hemeon Assembly)- TBA
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)  - Round table.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Central rings in April 2018

Did you know that Dan Trommater is performing close-up at the Magic Castle until April the 8th?

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- TBA.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- Visit from the Brantford Fun Troop.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Video night.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Annual Magic Prop Auction.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- TBA.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- TBA
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)-  Members teaching members.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Eastern rings in April 2018

Does anybody have current information to share about the Magic Circle of St. John?

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Visit their Facebook page
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- TBA

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

02 April 2018

Toronto: The Newest Trick in the Book

From the Newest Trick in the Book Facebook page:
Come see the first Newest Trick in the Book in April! Tuesday April 3rd at See-Scape. We have a stacked lineup that you're going to love!

If you've never been, The Newest Trick in the book is the only open mic night for magicians in North America and it's totally free!

Will Zhang and Matthew Thomas Stewart (otherwise known as magic duo Will & Matt)- An incredible Toronto magic team that recently sold out a show at the Isabel Bader Theatre. Come see the brand new magic that this dynamic act has put together!

Christian Mascia - A talented young Toronto performer that's part of the generation of people making magic cool! Come see why, with his brand new material this week!

Brian Roberts - A performer, lecturer, and all around incredible magician is bringing some brand new magic to the show. He's a newest trick in the book newcomer, but an expert magician. Come see world class magic

Benzi Train - A TMC founder and an unbelievable performer who's helping put Toronto on the map as one of the magic capitals of the world! Come see why this Tuesday!
and your host

Jonah Babins - A TMC founder, head of the Discourse in Magic podcast (one of the worlds top magic podcasts), and a fantastic performer. Jonah is an up and coming name in the magic scene, that you won't want to forget!

Come see the show, and grab FREE tickets below!

Toronto: Magic Night at The Lockhart

From Carpe Diem:
Time for Charms class! James Alan and Dan Trommater are back this month and who knows what they've got up their sleeves!?

Join us the 1st an 3rd Tuesday of every month for table to table magic. Starts at 7PM and end at 9PM — No cover as always!

Read more.

From James Alan's Facebook page:

Winnipeg: Conjurors' Cabaret

  • Ken Sky ‘Mystifier,’ 
  • Brian Trudeau ‘Mindshocker,' 
  • Sean Fields ‘The Mastermind,’ and 
  • Gregoire ‘The Astonisher.'

From Carey Lauder's Facebook page:

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01 April 2018

I'll just leave this here

First, some backstory from Shawn Farquhar's December 9th Facebook post (emphasis mine):
A Letter to the Magic Community...

As Producers of Penn & Teller : Fool Us, our guiding principle is that the show is made "by magicians, for magicians." We have tried to provide a positive Prime Time outlet for magicians everywhere over the course of our 4 seasons on the air - and we've been lucky and successful enough to get an order for Season Five on the CW Network.

As always, our goal is to feature the best and brightest in the magic world, and as such, we'd like to respectfully invite you to submit a recording of a trick you perform that you believe would be good for our show. Highly original presentations and original tricks of all kinds are appreciated.

And here's a not so subtle reminder that my original effect "The Fools' Monte," was well received by (and dare I say fooled) Jeff McBride at the workshop he held at CAM in 2003. 

With that, I'll just leave you this Tweet from Teller:
A note to subscribers: the content of this post is embedded from another website and is not available to preview. To view the content of the post, please visit http://CanadasMagic.blogspot.com. Some of the embedded code may be visible in this notification.


All kidding aside, April 2nd at 9pm PST the first annual April Fool Us Day Special will premiere!

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

31 March 2018

Top 5 posts of March 2018

Out of the 30+ posts at Canada's Magic this month, here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Go-Fund Me campaign in support of Dan Goldberg - It's nice to see so many people helping those in need!
4. Random thoughts about "The Science of Magic" on CBC's "The Nature of Things" - I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.
3.  Winnipeg: "Magic & Skepticism" with Matt Dillahunty - Don't forget he's touring Canada this year.
2. Who are the top 10 Canadian magicians of all time? - Fabulous to see over 40 deserving magicians nominated so far!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Watch "The Science of Magic" on CBC’s "The Nature of Things" Sunday, March 18 - Did you?  Congratulations to Julie, the Zuckerbrots, and everyone else involved in the show!

30 March 2018

Pauline Kong in the Peace Arch News

Also on the bill for the April 8 show in Richmond, are Oslen Chang, and Will Tsai.

From the March 26th article "Moonlighting as magician, Surrey nurse raises funds for hospital ICU" by Tom Zillich in the Peace Arch News:
On April 8, Kong is producing a Vegas-style event called “FATE 2: The Dance and Illusions of Oslen,” a benefit for the ICU department at the hospital where she works.

The goal is to raise $10,000 for the cause, and Kong said Monday that the show, which is set to play the 1,000-seat theatre at River Rock Casino Resort, is nearly sold-out. For event details, visit riverrock.com/event/fate-2-dance-illusions-oslen.

In a related effort, she launched a GoFundMe campaign, called “Magic Show for Surrey Hospital ICU,” with a goal of generating an additional $30,000. A video posted on the fundraising website dramatizes the time Kong landed in hospital as a six-year-old, and her memories of a nurse’s soothing, reassuring voice.

Read more.

29 March 2018

Windsor: Piff the Magic Dragon

From the March 25th article "Q and A: Piff the Magic Dragon" by Dalson Chen in the Windsor Star:
Piff the Magic Dragon likes to point out that he’s not as famous as his older brother — Steve.

But the English-born magician with a spiky tail (John van der Put) isn’t hurting for work these days, having been featured to great response on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and America’s Got Talent.

Witness Piff’s deadpan humour and ironic illusions in person when he performs at Caesars Windsor on Friday, March 30.

Q. Dragons seem to be very popular now, what with Game of Thrones, Imagine Dragons, Dragons’ Den — have you noticed people giving you more respect?

A. Yeah, finally. It’s a good time to be a dragon. Before that, it was just about being shot in the face by a dwarf or a hobbit. But times have changed.

Read more.

28 March 2018

Spidey to perform on “Showtime at the Apollo”

Tune in tomorrow to watch Spidey on “Showtime at the Apollo”!

From the “Showtime at the Apollo” press release:
Toronto, ON (March 27, 2018) - World-renowned Canadian Mentalist and Hypnotist sensation, Spidey will be performing on the American FOX primetime TV Series, “Showtime at the Apollo”, a one-hour talent competition hosted by Steve Harvey and Adrienne Houghton. Showcasing some of the most unforgettable talent on the legendary stage, Spidey will appear on the March 29 episode where he lands himself as a finalist in the competition. Recently named USA Mentalist of the Year 2017 by APCA, with a career spanning over a decade, Spidey has been able to captivate audiences with shows and tours across the globe, including performances on NETFLIX, NBC, Discovery, CW, Entertainment Tonight, SyFy, TruTV and many more.

27 March 2018

Review of Michael Close's "The Paradigm Shift" Volumes One and Two

From the March 15th post "The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two" by Jamy Ian Swiss at Magicana:

Michael Close has in his lifetime in show business, worked extensively as both a professional magician and a professional musician (he plays piano). At one time a professional restaurant worker in his native Indiana, Michael was mentored by legendary sleight-of-hand maestro (and jazz radio program host) Harry Riser, whose own two closest mentors were no less than Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon. The late Mr. Riser has also long been named as mentor to Johnny Thompson; despite their closeness in age, it was Riser who helped guide Thompson toward the kind of magic that would eventually lead to his becoming the legendary master he is considered today.  In other words, Mr. Close is part of a lengthy and honored continuum of great magicians, a line he has done great justice to by continuing to contribute in creative and generous manner for future generations. He has not missed the true lessons of his mentors.

Read more.

From Michael Close's Facebook page:

26 March 2018

Go-Fund Me campaign in support of Dan Goldberg

Steve Valentine has set up a Go-Fund Me campaign in support of 30 year old Dan Goldberg.  Dan is a former member of Ring 17, and is currently going through treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Read more about the situation at Go-Fund Me.

From Facebook:

25 March 2018

Broken wand: Assistant Betty Lou Ikenberry

From the obituary posted March 20th, at the Pawhuska Journal-Capital:
Born March 11, 1935, in Niagara Falls, NY, she was the daughter of the late Kathleen Mason and John Richardson.

Betty grew up in St. Catherine’s, ON, Canada. At 16, she ventured out on her own and joined the Royal American Show. The show traveled across the US, performing at state fairs and carnivals. As a Magician’s Assistant, her role was to entertain the audience with the art of illusion. She also had other responsibilities such as selling tickets, collecting money, etc. She spent four years traveling with the show and each year they wintered in San Antonio, Texas. During the off-season, she obtained her GED and later her Certified Nurse’s Training Certificate. She also took classes such as tap and ballet to enhance her performances.

Read more.

24 March 2018

Ottawa: Chris Westfall at Magic Monday

From the Magic Monday Facebook page:

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23 March 2018

Program highlighting Luc Langevin's 10-year career

From the March 9th article "Luc Langevin célèbre ses 10 ans de carrière" on Lien Multimedia as translated by Google:
A special show on Ici Radio-Canada Télé

Luc Langevin's journey in 10 years is phenomenal. Thanks to his hard work, his innovative vision, his charisma, his simplicity and his personal signature, he has become THE reference in magic in Quebec. Luke has set new standards in magic in the dusty and making it more accessible. This new special issue, which chronicles the milestones of the last ten years of Luc Langevin's career, is a magic fire that once again fascinates and entertains. The public will see in particular Luke in rehearsal behind the scenes of his new show as well as unpublished images of his performances on French television.

A special show will be presented on Ici Radio-Canada Télé, Thursday, May 3 at 20h, Sunday, March 25 22h50 and on ICI ARTV Monday, April 16 9pm.

Read more. En français.

22 March 2018

Who are the top 10 Canadian magicians of all time?

Updated April 3rd at 6pm to add the following nominations:
  • Celeste Evans and Reveen The Impossiblist (Reveen Sr.)
Updated March 31st at 9pm to add the following nominations:
  • Greg Frewin and Mahdi Gilbert
Updated March 29 at 7am to add the following nominations:
  • Billy Kidd, Carisa Hendrix, Joan Caesar, and Julie Eng
Updated March 24 at 10am to add the following nominations:
  • Alain Choquette, David Drake, Mickey Hades, and Shin Lim
Updated March 23 at 9am add the following nominations:
  • Bob Farmer, Carl Coultier, Francis Martineau, Gary Ouelette, Howard P. Lions, Mel Stover, Romaine, Roy Cotte, Tom Ransom, Tony Eng, Willis Kinney
Updated March 23 at 7am add the following overnight nominations:
  • Additional submissions:  Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian, Bill Abbott, Bobby Motta, Dale Harney, Eric Leclerc, Johnny  Giordmaine, Juliana Chen, Leon Mandrake, Sid Lorraine, Stewart James, Ron Leonard, and Vincent C
Updated at 12:15pm to add:
  • Additional submissions: Darcy Oake, Luc Langevin, Murray Hatfield, Ross Bertram, Tom Auburn
Updated at 10:15am to add:
  • The following names have been submitted for consideration:  Chris Ramsay, Dai Vernon, David Acer, David Ben, Doug Henning, Gary Kurtz, James Randi, Jay Sankey, Martin Nash, Richard Sanders, Shawn Farquhar

Complete list of nominations received (alphabetical by first name):

  1. Alain Choquette
  2. Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian
  3. Bill Abbott
  4. Billy Kidd
  5. Bob Farmer
  6. Bobby Motta
  7. Carisa Hendrix
  8. Carl Coultier
  9. Celeste Evans
  10. Chris Ramsay
  11. Dai Vernon
  12. Dale Harney
  13. Darcy Oake
  14. David Acer 
  15. David Ben
  16. David Drake
  17. Doug Henning
  18. Francis Martineau
  19. Eric Leclerc
  20. Gary Kurtz
  21. Gary Ouelette
  22. Greg Frewin
  23. Howard P. Lions
  24. James Randi
  25. Jay Sankey
  26. Joan Caesar
  27. Joel Machtinger
  28. Johnny Giordmaine
  29. Juliana Chen
  30. Julie Eng
  31. Leon Mandrake
  32. Luc Langevin
  33. Mahdi Gilbert
  34. Martin Nash
  35. Mel Stover
  36. Mickey Hades
  37. Murray Hatfield
  38. Reveen The Impossiblist (Reveen Sr.)
  39. Richard Sanders
  40. Romaine
  41. Ron Leonard
  42. Ross Bertram
  43. Roy Cotte
  44. Shawn Farquhar 
  45. Shin Lim
  46. Sid Lorraine
  47. Stewart James
  48. Tom Auburn
  49. Tom Ransom
  50. Tony Eng
  51. Vincent C
  52. Willis Kinney

Devon Murphy recently posted the article, "Top Canadian Magicians and the Tricks That Made Them Famous," at the CBC website.  Devon lists seven outstanding magicians (Julie Eng, Dai Vernon,  Doug Henning, Billy Kidd, Mahdi Gilbert, Greg Frewin, and David Ben).  (Of note, two of the seven on that list are recipients of the "Editor's Choice Award" in the Canada's Magic "Readers' Choice Award" festivities.)

Devon's list got me wondering.

Who do you, dear readers, consider to be the top 10 Canadian magicians of all time?

For those of you who don't like to be influenced by the decisions of others, we're going to start with a clean slate and let you choose all ten!

Submit your nominations in the comment form below,* by 11:59PM EDT on Friday April 6th.  You may nominate as many Canadian magicians as you like.  (Number of nominations don't influence the vote.  If you see your choice(s) listed, please refrain from submitting duplicates.)  Voting will open shortly thereafter.  

What say you?  Who are your top (living or dead) Canadian magicians of all time?

* or email me.  I'll send a confirmation back to let you know I received your email.

21 March 2018

Matt Dillahunty "Magic & Skepticism" tour 2018

From Pangburn Philosophy:

VICTORIA, BC - Sunday April 1st 2018
McPherson Playhouse

VANCOUVER, BC - Tuesday April 3rd 2018
The Rio Theatre

CALGARY, AB - Friday April 6th 2018
Bella Concert Hall @ Mt. Royal University

WINNIPEG, MB - Sunday April 8th 2018
Burton Cummings Theatre

OTTAWA, ON - Tuesday April 10th 2018
Harold Shenkman Hall @ The Centre des Arts

TORONTO, ON - Friday, April 13th 2018
Jane Mallett Theatre @ St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
with special guest Dr. Jordan Peterson

MONTREAL, PQ - Sunday, April 15th 2018
Oscar Peterson Concert Hall @ Concordia University

HALIFAX, NS - Monday, April 16th 2018
Bella Rose Arts Centre

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Pangburn Philosophy Facebook page:

20 March 2018

Toronto: A super secret special guest at the Newest Trick in the Book

From The Toronto Magic Company's Facebook page:
Come see the Newest Trick in the Book on Tuesday March 20th!

The show is FREE, and we have an AMAZING lineup, of world class performers.

Get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-newest-trick-in-the-book-to…)

Graemazing Reed A Newest Trick in the Book newcomer, but an expert magician is here to show off some brand new magic! He has a Tedx talk, countless TV appearances, and AMAZING magic to boot! Come see his BRAND NEW material on Tuesday!

Bella M. Eurta - A wildly talented variety performer, a Newest Trick in the Book newcomer, and all around expert on stage. She's going to be performing something that I PROMISE you have never seen before

Benzi Train - A TMC founder, Newest Trick expert, and a ridiculously talented performer, is bringing something amazing and a little bit frighting to the stage

and your host

Jonah Babins - A TMC founder, and frequent time traveller, potion drinker, and holder of magic secrets. Come see the some magic that might just make you believe!



19 March 2018

Toronto: Potted Potter returns

In what was I think their first visit to Toronto, Ben Kaplan of the National Post had a nice write up "On the Town: Hogwarts in Hogtown with the Potted Potter crew" of the Potted Potter's cast visit to The Browser's Den of Magic, which was published on March 3rd, 2012.

From Mirvish.com:
June 13 to July 8, 2018

Returning to Toronto for the fourth time, Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes.

A Critics’ Pick by the DA Critics’ Pick by the Daily Herald, New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out London, Washington Post, and Boston Globe, the show won the prestigious 2012 Olivier Award nomination for Best Entertainment & Family Show, playing to sold-out houses worldwide.

This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a fire-breathing dragon, endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props, and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic!

Read more and buy tickets.

18 March 2018

Society of Canadian Magicians “Levitator” from May/June 1974

If you aren't following Neil McNally's blog, The Doug Henning Project, I encourage you to do so.  He regularly updates on fascinating nuggets from Doug's life.

On March 8th, he published some images from Richard Sherry from the Society of Canadian Magicians publication “Levitator” May/June 1974 “Magic Show” Article.

A nice trip down memory lane!

17 March 2018

Win tickets to see The Sentimentalists LIVE in Toronto

From The Sentimentalists Facebook page:

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16 March 2018

Congratulations to Daniel Sugar, author of "Salem Burning"

Congratulations to Daniel Sugar, author of "Salem Burning*" our newest sponsor. 

Early Thursday morning, "Salem Burning" hit #1, (in its category), in the Kindle store in Canada.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support of our sponsors!

* This book is intended for mature audiences.

15 March 2018

Random thoughts about "The Science of Magic" on CBC's "The Nature of Things"

Updated at 9:30am to add links to: 

"The Science of Magic" boasts an extraordinary list of participants, which include: Julie Eng, Ronald Rensink, Jay Olson, Gustav Kuhn, Anthony Barnhart, Amory Danek, Matthew Tompkins, Thomas Strandberg, Billy Kidd, Tom Stone, Thomas Fraps, Pit Hartling, and Juan Tamariz.
Had I known it was possible to do university level research involving the magician's force, mind-reading MRIs, or magic beans*, I may have reconsidered the focus of my post-secondary education.

I am, however, on the ball enough to jump at a chance to take an advance peek at (and ask questions about) "The Science of Magic," a documentary that examines these subjects and more!

Tune in to "The Science of Magic" on CBC’s "The Nature of Things" on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 8PM (8:30 NT). The documentary will also be available to watch online at cbc.ca/natureofthings on Friday, March 16 from 5:00 pm EST.
When Donna and Daniel Zuckerbrot from Reel Time Images (who brought us  "Dai Vernon – The Spirit of Magic," "Max Maven: a fabulous monster," "The Houdini Code,"' and "Jeff McBride: a magickal life" among other titles) realized how much research was going on in the field of science and magic, they knew they had to investigate it further.
"You can see that the real question about our film 'The Science of Magic' isn’t why we wanted to make it, but rather, how could we not have?"
-- Donna Zuckerbrot

Julie Eng's reaction to being brought on board the project?
"I was thrilled. I have known the Zuckerbrots for many years and I am a big fan of their work."

  "The idea of using magic as a mechanism for study into how we think, and how we perceive the world is fascinating for me.  It was a huge honour to be asked to be the 'magical guide' for this film."

"Magicians don't have supernatural powers. Instead what they do is exploit very powerful and often very surprising limitations in human cognition."
In "The Science of Magic," the Zuckerbrots along with magical host Julie Eng, take us across Canada, the US, and Europe to visit with scientists using magic as an investigative tool in their exploration of cognition and behaviour.  (Pay close attention to catch cameos by Daniel Zuckerbrot, David Ben, and magic enthusiast Ari.)

The show is full of fascinating insights sure to capture the attention of those who like to be entertained by magic, those who perform magic, as well as those who are interested in psychology and behaviour.  There are even opportunities to participate in on air magic tricks!  From the press release:
"... viewers are able to feel the power of magic from the comfort of their homes and experience some of the psychological principles these tricks reveal (including ‘magicians choice,’ and choice blindness,' ‘failure to see,’ ‘change blindness,’ inattentional blindness, as well as the ‘aha’ moment)."

I'm not too proud to admit that on more than one occasion Julie had me right where she wanted.  I was also properly schooled by Anthony Barnhart.

On the other hand, I did well with Ronald Rensink's challenge and some of the other ones too!

Julie also teaches a coin trick that even I could master, with a little practice.

"We take these principles that magicians know, we bring them into the lab and we try and figure out how they work."
It is humbling (and a bit disconcerting) to discover, as the press release describes, that "we sometimes don't see what's right under our noses," "we see tricks that fool us despite nothing actually happening," and that "we can be blind even to our own choices."

"We were all surprised at how magical the science was. It was astonishing to realize that we don’t see what we think we are seeing, that our memories are as slippery as our perceptions, that who we are — even our deeply held beliefs can change without us knowing. Like good magic the science left us with a feeling of wonder."  
-- the Zuckerbrots

For some behind the scenes photos have a look at the Reel Time Images Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter feed.  I look forward to hearing Daniel's thoughts at his Browser's Bash mini-talk.
During the making of the documentary, Julie said she was pleased to learn that "old magic tricks that I have known and have performed since I was a child can still have a deep and profound affect on people, particularly with the right presentation."

There are a variety of real world applications to the knowledge gained:
  • Work on "how small distractions can blind drivers" can help improve driver safety.  ("Driver looked but failed to see" is an actual category of accident!)
Anthony Barnhart's studies showing how "off beats" work across sensory systems, help me better understand my habit of turning off my radio when I'm in a situation that requires my full attention.
  • Suggestion-based treatments have promising uses in the medical field.
  • The Zuckerbrots noted that Rensink's findings with respect to 'change blindness' "seems to underlie film editing.  It is apparently the reason why you don’t notice the change of pictures, from wide shot to close up for example, while you are watching a film."  
  • In addition to psychology benefiting from the insights discovered using magic as an investigative tool, the Zuckerbrots observed that "some magicians believe they have already gained from what they’ve learned from psychologists.  Tom Stone is a great example, he certainly credits work he did with experimental psychologists as having changed his own performance in fundamental ways."
  • Julie posits that "... from learning how intention and actions (movement) can help create smoother technical manipulation, to how it can mask the most technical sleight… is useful."  After all, she continues,
"If we can use science and technology to work out the perfect angle for speed skaters to maximize physics to their advantage, why can we not benefit from learning more about human behaviour and cognition to advance our field?"

"Each of these areas can bring a lot of insights to magicians to heighten the “magic" experience for audiences."

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about the show? 

"We hope they find watching it as interesting and as much fun as we did making it." 
-- the Zuckerbrots

"Bring their eyes and ears (and to be prepared to have fun!)"    -- Julie Eng
I certainly had fun learning and I'm sure you will too!  (As the scientific field evolves, I hope they'll film a second part.)

Tune in to "The Science of Magic" on CBC’s "The Nature of Things" on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 8PM (8:30 NT). The documentary will also be available to watch online at cbc.ca/natureofthings on Friday, March 16 from 5:00 pm EST.

* Maybe they're really magic. Who knows? **
** With apologies to Stephen Sondheim.

14 March 2018

Luc Langevin in le Journal de Montréal

From the March 10th article "La magie m’a apporté tout ce qu’il y a de bon dans ma vie" by Bruno Lapointe in le Journal de Montréal, as translated by Google:

"It's very long to create illusions, test them, tweak them ... I put two years, one full-time. And all this time, I told myself that I must absolutely deliver the material. I do not have a choice, "he reveals.

To achieve this, the illusionist has sought the help of director René Richard Cyr, to enhance the visual coating of the tour. His first and only choice for this role. But he had to work hard to convince the man of theater to join this project, something that was far from being won in advance.

Read moreEn français.

We've previously published dates for Luc's "Now tomorrow" tour.  Here are some additional dates from Lien Mulitmedia:
  • Quebec City: Salle Albert-Rousseau in  on April 12, 13 and 14
  • Montreal: Théâtre Maisonneuve on April 18 and 19 
  • Laval: André Mathieu Hall - July 19-20-21, 2018
  • Montreal: Salle Maisonneuve, Place des Arts - November 30 and December 1, 2018
  • Quebec: Albert-Rousseau Room - December 9 and 10, 2018
  • All the details of the tour on evenko.ca

13 March 2018

Cornwall: David Acer at the Cornwall Comedy Festival

From the Cornwall Comedy Festival:
We are proud to announce our 2018 Cornwall Comedy Festival line up! Joining us for our 5th anniversary spring weekend, is our host with the most, Derek Seguin, Kate Davis, Ben Miner, David Acer, Rob Ross and David Pryde. Venues and ticket info will be made available soon. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Read more.

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

12 March 2018

Alex Kazam's AGT journey

When last we left Alex, he was telling us about his decision to audition for AGT.

Alex gives us an insider's perspective into the thought and effort involved in getting a shot at a chance to become "an overnight success."

Catch up on his journey thus far at his blog at The Alex Kazam.

From his December 20th post "America’s Got Talent – Part One: Getting Told “GO”":
In due time, for now, let me begin at the beginning. It was December 7th, 2017. I was performing at my usual Thursday night spot, St.Louis Bar and Grill in St. Catharines, Ontario. It was one of the first really cold nights, the evening was just starting up. The restaurant was still fairly quiet, and slowly starting to fill with patrons anticipating dinner service. I moved to my usual spot in the back corner of the space, hung up my coat, and prepared what I needed to perform. I noticed my client Jim Reaman (the owner) standing near the bar chatting with some staff.

Since I had a few minutes to spare, and genuinely enjoy catching up with Jim, checking-in and so forth, I headed towards him. We quickly moved from talking about personal affairs, to talking about what I’d been working on, my aspirations, and so on. I mentioned an idea that had been floating around my head, like an annoying little balloon. Sometimes it was filled with helium, sometimes with Sulfur Hexaflouride. The idea was light, in that it was clever, fun, inspiring, educational and full of potential for awesome. It was heavy in that it was terrifying, risky, draining, and full of potential for embarrassment, failure and rejection.

Read more.

From his January 16th post "America’s Got Talent – Part Two: All Out of Ideas":
So December 11th, we began the video with my getting out of the trunk of my car, shoving balls of dough in my eyes, and putting coins over top of the dough. Duct tape fastened the lot to my face, and then I covered the lot with a sleep mask, just in case someone thought I could see through dough, coins and duct tape. Off we went. The entire journey took less than 10 minutes. Remember, the final clip was supposed to be no longer than 3.  Thus, on December 12th 2018, I trimmed it down to size, added a quick opening clip of me breathing fire, and a title screen with my contact information at the end of it.

Read more.

From his January 24th post "America’s Got Talent – Part Three: Effects That Affect":
How was I making a living at this whole performing arts thing, when I couldn’t find any effects within my repertoire that was good enough to get the attention of someone representing a television network?

Read more.

 From his March 1st post "America’s Got Talent – Part Four: The Sort of Conclusion":
 I’m hoping, through the volume of these posts, specifically through some of these rather wordy digressions, to shine a light on the secret and dirty side of the show business world. So that should you one day be in the position of meeting a celebrity, on the set of a movie, walking by a creative project of some kind, or even just running into your friendly neighborhood mystery entertainer: you will have the experience now to engage respectfully, and with the appropriate etiquette.

Read more.

11 March 2018

Congratulations Bob Cates

Congratulations Bob and good luck!

From Bob Cates Twitter feed:
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10 March 2018

Deception: Series Premiere on March 11

From the CTV website:
When his career is ruined by scandal, superstar magician Cameron Black has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, influence and illusion – the FBI. Using every trick in the book and inventing new ones, he will help the government catch the world’s most elusive criminals while staging the biggest illusions of his career. The series is from writer/executive producer Chris Fedak (“Chuck”) and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Martin Gero and Sarah Schechter. Illusionist David Kwong (“Now You See Me”) will co-produce.

“Deception” stars Jack Cutmore-Scott as Cameron Black, Ilfenesh Hadera as Kay Daniels, Lenora Crichlow as Dina Clark, Amaury Nolasco as Mike Alvarez, Justin Chon as Jordan Kwon, Laila Robins as FBI Agent Deakins and Vinnie Jones as Gunter Gustafsen.

Read more.

09 March 2018

FISM - Québec 2021 February 24, 2018 Newsletter #6

Visit the CAM website to read "FISM - Québec 2021 February 24, 2018  Newsletter #6."  In it, is a reminder that registration is open for the 6th Edition of the Concours international de magie "Michel Cailloux" which will take place in Québec City on May 4, 2018. Four thousand dollars in prizes will be awarded to the winners.

CAMaraderie will take place from May 3 to 6, 2018 at the same time as the Festival de magie de Québec.

08 March 2018

Welcoming a new patron: "Salem Burning!"

Welcome to our newest sponsor, "Salem Burning!"

A Magical New Novel By Daniel Sugar
Available Exclusively On Amazon

About the author:
Daniel Sugar has written for a number of celebrities and for several TV shows, including “The Tonight Show, With Jay Leno.” He has always been fascinated by witches, witchcraft, the Salem witch trials, and the French Revolution. “Salem Burning” is his first novel. He is currently working on the sequel, “The Witch And The Guillotine.”

* This book is intended for mature audiences.

Thank you Daniel, for your sponsorship of this website!

07 March 2018

Winnipeg: "Magic & Skepticism" with Matt Dillahunty

From Ticketmaster:
Sun, Apr 08

The Warrior For Reason - Matt Dillahunty embarks on his first world tour! Magic & Skepticism will be the key focus of his lectures, which will include a lengthy Q&A and lobby hangout after each event. Matt has recently shared the stage with world renown authors Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss. He is currently finishing his first book, which is highly anticipated from the religious & non-religious community. Don't miss this tour, as the events will not be filmed and released!

Read more and buy tickets.

06 March 2018

Mike D'Urzo: Winner of the 2018 Performer of the Year Award

Congratulations Mike!

From Mike D'Urzo's Twitter feed:
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05 March 2018

Can you spot the Canadian magician?

Watch a one take video featuring Sound Collage and 11 different magic acts!

From The Music Show Facebook post:

A note to subscribers: the content of this post is embedded from another website and is not available to preview. To view the content of the post, please visit http://CanadasMagic.blogspot.com. Some of the embedded code may be visible in this notification.

[via GeniiOnline]

04 March 2018

David Blaine tour 2018

From Live Nation:
MAY 18, 2018
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Vancouver, British Columbia

JUL 4, 2018
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Toronto, Ontario

JUL 5, 2018
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Toronto, Ontario

Read more and buy tickets.

[via GeniiOnline]

03 March 2018

Interested in a pre-FISM tour of South Korea?

From Joan Caesar:
Pre-FISM tour of South Korea.
Cost each with 8 people is $1375.00 USD for 7 days.
If interested please contact Joan Caesar
jcaesar [at] sentex [dot] ca   by March 31st.

Day 1: Visit of Haeinsa temple
Saturday, 30 June 2018
  • The Gayasan park is well-known for its historical sites and landscapes, and especially for the Haiensa temple.
  • Visit the temple. After the visit, spend the night in the temple.

Day 2: End of the temple stay and road to Andong
Sunday, 1 July 2018
  • The temple stay experience ends around 12 noon
  • Then you will take the road to Andong and rest in the afternoon. 

Day 3: Visit of Andong
Monday, 2 July 2018
  • Andong is the ancestralspiritual and traditional capital of South Korea because of its Confucian traditions during the Joseon era. There, you will find many relics dating back to the Joseon dynasty, such as the magnificent Confucian school and a typical village of that time.
  • You will visit the Byeongsanseowon Confucian School
  • You will visit the Hahoe village, the Hahoedong Mask Museum and the Byeongsanseowon Confucian school.  

Day 4: Road to Gyeongju
Tuesday, 3 July 2018
  • Located in the Gyeongsangbuk Do region, Gyeongju was the capital city of the Silla Kingdom and one of the oldest historical cities in the world. It is a major spot for Korea’s culture and heritage today, as well as a UNESCO listed site.   
  • You will take the road in the morning to Gyeongju. 
  • Visit Tumuli Park which houses numerous royal tombs, visit the Cheonmachong tomb (the flying horse tomb), Cheongseongdae Observatory and the Anapji pond. 
  • Night in a hanok. (a traditional Korean house)

Day 5: Visit of cultural sites (UNESCO) in Gyeongju
Wednesday, 4 July 2018
  • Take a trip to some of Gyeongju's historical sites: the National Museum, Tumulus Park, and the Royal Tombs of Daereungwon. 
  • Enjoy a visit of the Bulguksa palace (built in 528) and the Buddhist cave in Seokguram, national treasures registered on the UNESCO world heritage. You can go there on foot or with bicycles. 
  • Night in a Hanok.   

Day 6: Day at the Namsan Mount and Gogulsa temple
Thursday, 5 July 2018
  • Considered as a Sacred site during the Silla Dynasty, the Namsan Mount is full of mysteries, temples and sanctuaries. It is a real open-air museum with 100 temples, 80 Buddha stoned-statues and 60 pagodas. You will enjoy quaint landscapes.
  • In the afternoon, visit of Gogulksa temple and a stop to the Yangdong village. 

Day 7: Busan
Friday, 6 July 2018
  • The second Korean city and the first harbour of the country. Busan is considered a dynamic city with big shops, luxurious restaurants, parks and beautiful beaches.
• Visit its beaches: Haeundae beach and Gwangalli beach.
• The city centre, the Yongdusan park and the Busan tower will give you a panoramic view of Busan. 
• The Yonggungsa temple (built on the side of a cliff: unique) 
• Busan and its impressive Jagalchi fish market which show the riches of its sea and harbour.