22 January 2018

Toronto: Caleb Wiles - Super Nerd

From Eventbrite:
Wed, 7 February 2018

Caleb Wiles is a modern day wizard who performs magic designed for intelligent audiences. Instead of rabbits or wands he uses ordinary objects such as cards, Rubik’s cubes, and dollar bills… and you won’t believe what he can do with them.

Even fellow magicians recognize Caleb as a leader in the field. He is a highly respected creator of new magic effects and his work has been featured in leading magic magazines, books, and DVDs around the world. That’s why we’re bringing him to Toronto to be part of the International Mystery Series - we want to share his incredible magic with you.

You may have seen him perform on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us or on FOX TV, but now you can witness the impossible live and in person at this one-night-only special show.

Get your tickets now before they disappear forever!

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