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23 January 2018

Toronto: John Carney Lecture and Workshop

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

LECTURE: Sunday, February 18, 2018
WORKSHOP: Monday, February 19, 2018

Dear Denizens,

Please, please do not miss this rare opportunity to learn from a true living master of magic.

Master of Magic is used far too much in our current digital age where there are no filters.  But make no mistake about it Mr. John Carney is a master. A living master of sleight of hand who makes everything look like magic!

It has been about fifteen years since John Carney last lectured and gave a workshop at our store.

Many of you know that we do not usually sell tickets to workshop. But John Carney is exceptional.

For some of you who may be new to 'magic' here is a little bit about John Carney:

* Has won Hollywood’s Magic Castle award for Magician of the Year seven times
* Two -Time Award Winner World FISM magic championships  
* Last true and real student of Dai Vernon
* Many TV performances
* The author of books including: Carneycopia, Book of Secrets *

In both his lecture and workshop Mr. Carney explains the how and the why of everything he does, which serves to teach much more than a few secrets or stratagems. If you pay close attention he will teach you the real secrets of how to grow in magic and to grow yourself through magic.

Read more and buy tickets.

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