03 August 2018

Billy Kidd in the Inquirer

From the July 26th article "Billy Kidd: Filipina, female, magical" by Rae Ann Varona in the Inquirer:
“Magic wasn’t even on my radar whatsoever,” Kidd told the Asian Journal, adding that she was never one of those kids who had their own magic kit to play with.

“I wish I had that story, but I don’t,” she added.

Born in Canada, Kidd has gotten away with being an actress since she was just 11 years old, something she’s called magic in itself.  The life of being able to miss periods of school, playing around, and getting paid for it made what she described as the “best life ever.”

But her introduction to magic came much later at a music festival where she saw a street magician from Australia doing a classic cups and balls trick in which balls appear and disappear under the cups at random.

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