08 August 2018

Toronto: Jeff Hinchliffe Memorized Deck workshop and private lessons

From Jeff Hinchliffe:
Firstly, I'm going to be giving a 4 hour Memorized Deck workshop on Saturday, September 8th, 2018, from 6pm-10pm. The cost of the workshop will be $50, and it will be limited to 20 people.

The workshop will cover a wide range of memorized deck work. We'll begin with the differences between stacked,cyclic, and memorized orders, and the advantages of the common/popular published mem-deck stacks (Aronson, Tamariz, Aragon, Redford).

From there, we will delve into tricks which are stack-independent (meaning that they work with any stack) to the open-index system, jazzing, and estimation. We will discuss the various sleights, techniques and subterfuges that one should have in their toolbox with the mem-deck in order to achieve maximum impact.


Secondly, I'm happy to announce that I am again offering private lessons at the shop. I gave these lessons years ago at our Bathurst and Eglinton location and over the last several months enough people have inquired about lessons that I've decided to bring them back.

The lessons will take place at the shop, after business hours, Tuesday thru Friday evenings. The lessons will run 90 minutes in length, from 7pm to approximately 8:30pm, and will cost $120.

What we cover in the lesson is dependent on what you'd like to achieve. Whether it's adding a few new tricks to your repertoire, adding a few new sleights to your toolbox, or tightening and polishing existing material, I can help you.

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