04 August 2018

Toronto: Silent auction at the Browser's Den

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
High Quality Professional Magic & Collectables
Sunday, August 26

Dear Magic Friends,

Over the past 43 years we have held over 100 store auctions.  And each one was a lot of fun, created memories and all while people were able to get wonderful deals on magic new and used.

However, over those 43 years we have never held a SILENT Auction.

Here's how it will work.

a) All the items will be out on display for you to take a look at when the shop doors open at 10am.

b) Each item will have a minimum bid listed next to it.

c) Attendees can then use the paper provided by us to write down their bid. Fold up their bid and put into the box related to that item.

d) Every half hour until about 4pm, five of the auction items will then be award to the highest bid.

The auction will have a variety of magic that will include: props, ephemera, posters, close-up props, books, tables.

Please note too that should we get a good size crowd and reasonable bidding we will do more of these.

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