09 September 2018

Niagara Falls: David DaVinci at the Greg Frewin Theatre SEP 28 - OCT 13

Word on the street is that David DaVinci will be back in Niagara Falls SEP 28 - OCT 13!

From the Greg Frewin Theatre:

Due to Greg Frewin’s international travel and television performance schedule* there will be times when throughout the calendar year, fellow magician David DaVinci will step into Greg’s shoes and perform our award-winning WILD Magic show.

David’s first dove illusion was taught to him intimately by Greg and the two have continued their love and passion creating awe-inspiring magic together. David has mentored under the professional guidance and leadership of Greg Frewin well over a period of twenty years; sharing both stage and audience as one.

When David is performing on the Greg Frewin Theatre stage, prepare to be mystified by mind boggling illusions and jaw dropping magic, seamlessly fused with exotic parrots that materialize from thin air. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, and your jaw will hit the floor, as David DaVinci presents his interpretation of the WILD Magic Show through the age-old art of magic and illusions, in “Thrillusionist!”

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