08 November 2018

Toronto: Five world records in one day?

Why not?

Sunday December 2nd at the Browser's Den of Magic:

On this day, Michael Francis will be attempting to break the following records:
  • Most Consecutive Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Coin Rolls in One Minute (2 hands)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (1 hand)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Yo-Yo's Spun Simultaneously

If you've wanted to see and meet a Guinness World Record Holder, then this is your chance! Please join us in supporting Michael as he takes on 5 World Records.

Thank you for your kind support
- The Jeff's, John Cardella, Luiz Castro, Cam Dix & The Browser's Den Team

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