25 May 2019

Matt Johnson joins the Illusionists!

From Matt Johnson's Twitter feed:
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Philip’s Magical Paradise update!

From the May 23rd article "Giroux magic museum not disappearing yet" by Jordan Ross in The Carillon:
A group of Winnipeg magicians has put their wands together and come up with a plan to keep Western Canada’s only museum of magic and illusion open for another summer.

Marc Hache of the Magic Club of Winnipeg said Tuesday the 25-member group is rallying the volunteers needed to reopen Philip’s Magical Paradise on Sunday afternoons during July and August.

The future of the Giroux institution became uncertain last August, when maintenance of the 115-year-old former church that houses the museum became too difficult for longtime proprietor Marilyn Hornan.

Read more.

Peter Duchemin in the CBC

From the May 20th article "Meet Newfoundland's first certified doctor of magic" in the CBC News:
It may not seem like a subject that has any place in academia -- outside of Hogwarts, of course — but one St. John's magician is now a certifiable doctor of magic.

Peter Duchemin just completed his indisciplinary studies PhD at Memorial University after defending his thesis, called "The Art of Hidden Causation: Magic as Deep Mediation."

The doctorate program itself is a kind of mish-mash of various subjects, Duchemin explains.

Read more.

24 May 2019

Toronto: Browser's Den of Magic auction

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, June 9, 2019

Denizens, it is time for our annual full-day auction! This is the time of the year where you get an opportunity to bid on magic props, supplies, books ,etc. and the highest bidder wins!

This is event is FREE to attend. Just come to the shop on the day of the auction and you are certain to find some great deals! 

We have been doing these semi-annual auctions for 43 years! So come and join us for the deals...and join us to be part of history.

For those who would like to bring in items to be auctioned off please bring NO MORE THAN TWO LOTS. (NOTE: A lot may consist of as many items as you wish.)

You may start bringing in your auction items anytime from now until May 31st.

If you have any questions simply call the shop (416-783-7022).

Read more.

Hensall: Magic for Grownups

From James Alan's newsletter:
This Saturday night, I'll be appearing in Hensall at the Heritage Hall presenting Magic for Grownups. If you are in the area (a bit north of London, ON), please come join us for an amazing night of magic on stage.

Hensall Heritage Hall (map)
Saturday, May 25

Read more and buy tickets.

Toronto: Kiko Pastur lecture

From Ring 17:
Monday, June 3, 2019

For our June meeting we are thrilled to present a special lecture from visiting Spanish magician Kiko Pastur. This lecture has a great deal to offer regardless of your area of interest in magic or your skill level. In addition to sophisticated material relying on sleight of hand, Kiko  employs subtle psychological strategies and misdirection. On top of that he weaves his magic with profound stories, imagery and metaphors.

Read more and buy tickets.

Toronto: Kiko Pastur workshop

Devious Poetry - Kiko Pastur Workshop
Browsers Den Of Magic

From the Facebook event:

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23 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Doug Hunt

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Doug Hunt!

Based out of Brantford, Doug has been a long-time reader of the blog. I first met Doug at one of the first CAM conventions.  You may know him as the holder of multiple Guinness World Records!
2002-09-14 - Doug took 29 independent steps on stilts made of carbon fibre, measuring 50 feet 9 inches in length and weighing a combined 137 pounds. [Records for heaviest stilts and for tallest stilts mastered.]  This record setting event raised over $75,000 for Participation House.

2008-05-15 - Doug Hunt set his 3rd Guinness World Record: He led 625 people (mostly students from North Park Collegiate High School in Brantford, ON) all on stilts simultaneously 100m. [Record for most people simultaneously walking on stilts.  (This was recognized by "Ripley's Believe It or Not" with a cartoon of Doug!  It is also listed in the "Book of Alternative Records."]

Doug received the 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and the 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the 2014 Brantford Kiwanis Walter Zeller Fellowship Award, the 2017 Canada & Ontario 150 coin, and the 2018 Brant Community Foundation Kindness Award!

Visit Doug's websites at DougTheGreat.com and DougHuntSpeaker.com.

Thank you Doug, for befriending Canada's Magic

22 May 2019

Montreal: Rebuilding Dreams with Loir Suchard

From Eventbrite:
Thu, 30 May 2019

WHAT: Rebuilding Dreams: An Evening Celebrating the Power of the Human Imagination in Fostering    Hope. Featuring World-Leading Master Mentalist Lior Suchard.

Lior Suchard is widely regarded as the world’s greatest mentalist, entertaining with his notorious acts of thought influence and startling mind-reading predictions. He has amazed audiences in more 50 countries and astonished countless celebrities on popular TV specials hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Larry King, Barbara Walters, and many others.

WHEN:    May 30, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Imperial Theatre
1430 Rue de Bleury, Montreal,

PRESENTED BY:    Chai Lifeline Canada, a national charity that provides support and care to children with life-    threatening or lifelong illness and their families.

“We see firsthand every single day what a difference a little bit of compassion and support can make in lives of families living with pediatric illness,” said Mordechai Rothman, Executive Director of Chai Lifeline Canada.

“Being sick changes everything in a child’s life and taking care of an ill child depletes a family’s energy and fortitude,” he explained. “Chai Lifeline is focused on providing concrete services and emotional support that enable patients, siblings and parents to keep from feeling alone and devastated, and find hope and joy in their lives.”

With 535 volunteers helping 400 children and 2,000 family members, Chai Lifeline provides dozens of free initiatives. Programs include counseling, volunteer support to bring an extra measure of adult attention and stability to children’s lives, tutoring for children missing extended periods of school, family retreats, sibling programs, peer and professional support, and summer camps for kids with serious illnesses that help families retain a sense of normalcy and hope while fighting even the most dire pediatric diseases.

Purchase tickets at: https://chailifelinecanada.org/events/rebuilding-dreams-mtl/

Read more and buy tickets.

21 May 2019

Nick Wallace on AGT 2019

We previously mentioned that The Sentimentalists were going to be on AGT 2019.  Here's another representative from the Canadian magic scene!

Keep an eye out for Nick Wallace!  The season starts May 28 on NBC.

From Nick Wallace's Instagram:

20 May 2019

Montreal: Kiko Pastur show and lecture

Watch Kiko Pasture perform on May 28th and see him lecture on May 29th in Montreal!

From the Magic Information Canada Twitter feed:

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19 May 2019

Windsor and London: Keith Brown hits the Fringe

Catch Keith's "Art of Astonishment" in Windsor May 22 - 26 and see him in "At Home On Stage" May 30 to June 8 in London.

Check out this Tweet from Kim Schmidt where she quotes Keith:
"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

From Keith's Twitter feed:
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18 May 2019

Toronto: Eric Jones lecture

I first had the pleasure of meeting Eric in 2011 at Sorcerers Safari.  His lecture is sure to inform and entertain!

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday May 26, 2019

We are very excited to offer you another premiere sleight of hand artist. The one and only Eric Jones will be here to share his love for magic and methods on Sunday, May 26 at 5:30pm.

Eric Jones is excited to share a combination of new ideas and some of his most popular, real world effects. Concentrating on hard hitting, visual effects, there will be something for everyone. Be sure to bring a few coins, a deck of cards and a pen and follow along as Eric leaves no stone unturned. Eric will explain all the nuances that make his magic both memorable and impactful and teach you how to do the same. You'll learn that The Devil Is In The Details.

He'll cover...

The Power Of the Pen - A killer production of a pen that you will use!

New Era - A perfect impromptu effect with a borrowed hat and a coin that can be done completely surrounded .  A real worker!

Hellhound Remix - A killer, hyper visual version of Chris Kenner's Hellhound Spellbound that will take your coin magic into a new hemisphere.

Audio  - A stand up routine that is a true homage to Nate Leipzig.  Four coins travel to the pocket one at a time. You will hear the coins as they arrive in the pocket.  NO Extra Coins, NO gimmicks.  Make sure you're wearing pants for this one!

Kabal - A streamlined version of the Collectors plot that is designed to be performed surrounded and under close scrutiny with method that will fool your audiences and with an explanation that will make magicians smile.

And more!!

We look forward to you joining us on the 26th for what will be another fantastic lecture!

Read more.

17 May 2019

Toronto: The Art of Magic (back to back)

From Eventbrite:
May 22nd and 23rd

Headliner: David Merry
Performances by: Ben Train, Jonah Babins, and Ryan Brown
Toronto has spoken! After 9 straight sold shows The Art of Magic is returning with TWO BACK TO BACK SHOWS!

The Art of Magic is more than just a show. It’s an entire evening filled with beautiful art and mind blowing illusions that’s taking Toronto by storm!

The fun begins at 730pm inside the Wonder Gallery. Enjoy delicious drinks and paintings from some of Toronto’s best local artists while close up magicians dazzle you with sleight of hand.

Then at 8pm SHARP the show begins, and for the next hour and a half you’ll witness professional magicians from around the world performing magic so incredible that you’ll be laughing out loud and gasping in disbelief!

In order to ensure every seat in the house is a good one, only 60 tickets are available for this intimate theatre experience. Make sure you order yours before they disappear forever!

Read more and buy tickets.

16 May 2019

May 2019 sale: 40% off yearly sponsorship rates!

Sponsor Canada's Magic 
Canada's Magic is offering, for the rest of May, a 40% discount on the listed price of any one year advertising package.  Qualifying packages include the Platinum, Gold, and Silver annual rates. (This offer does not include Sponsored Posts or being Our Friend.)

Join the company of patrons Clive Court (The Fun-da-Mentalist), Evelyn & Phil Matlin (owners of Perfect Magic), Jeff Pinsky (owner of The Browser's Den of Magic), and Michael Close (author of the Workers series and other ebooks), and sponsor us (or be our friend) today!

Our patrons make this site possible. 

For more information, please visit the "Sponsor" tab, leave your question in a comment below or send an e-mail.

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15 May 2019

Joe Schwarcz in The Suburban

From the May 8th article "Dr. Joe and company mark two decades of excellence in science at McGill" by Mike Cohen in The Suburban:

Born in Hungary, Schwarcz came to Canada at the age of eight. He told me that he credits a magician at a Grade 6 friend’s birthday party who used a so-called magical chemical to perform a trick for turning him on to what would become his future vocation. “I still include magic into many of my lectures,” he says. “Magic expands the mind.”

Read more.

14 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Jason Maiuri

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Jason Maiuri!

Based out of Niagara Falls, Jason has been a long-time reader of the blog. Jason's experience includes touring with Claude Haggerty Magic, working with Frederic Clement, working as a scenic carpenter and stage electrician at the Shaw Festival, and working for Greg Frewin.

Jason is developing a "Magic is Medicine" act to present to dialysis patients as a way to help pass the time during their long four hour treatments.  (This is a project close to the heart for Jason as he lives with kidney disease and is dependent upon hemodialysis.)

He is very grateful for his mentoring by Ken McCreedy.

Visit Jason's website at  https://www.magician.org/member/jasonmaiuri

Thank you Jason, for befriending Canada's Magic

13 May 2019

Richmond: Vitaly Beckman

From the River Rock Casino:
Fresh off Broadway in New York City, Vitaly Beckman brings his latest and most ambitious production to the stage with An Evening of Wonders on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, to the River Rock Show Theatre.

Hailed as one of the most unique and innovative illusionists in the world, he stumped Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us

Combining breathtaking visuals with Vitaly’s captivating style, An Evening of Wonders is an interactive theatrical experience that takes the audience on a magical journey. Vitaly blends art and illusion where paintings spring to life, photographs become mini-movies, and audience members see their faces vanish from their own driver’s licenses.

Read more and buy tickets.

[With thanks to The Magic Demon for letting us know!]

12 May 2019

Broken wand: John Bernard Boissonneault

Recently we were notified by Dennis Schick, the editor of the Broken Wand in the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring, of the passing of John Boissonneault. 
Dennis also pointed out that the more ALL of us share news and information about magic with the REST of us, the better off the entire magic community will be.
I take this opportunity to ask you to not just ASSUME that we already know about some magic news that YOU hear about. Please tell us about it. We would always rather hear some news SEVERAL times rather than not at all!

Our thoughts go out to John's family and friends.

From Legacy:
BOISSONNEAULT, John Bernard "Little John" Peacefully, on Monday, August 20, 2018 at his home in Georgetown. John, in his 61st year, loving father of Shana (Chris). Proud Papa of Taylor, Kendall and Autumn. Great-Papa of Lila. Dear brother of Marie (Tony), Annette, Bernice (Mike) and Chris (Gord). Sadly missed by many nieces, nephews and friends. 

10 May 2019

Gordon Precious, world record holder

From the Discourse in Magic YouTube channel:
At 94 Years of age, Gordon Precious goes Heli-Skiing with his son for a world record attempt!

Watch him glide down the Cariboo Mountains with ease in the gorgeous British Columbia.

By my count, that puts the total of Canadian World Record holding magicians to nine! 

  • Doug The Great:  Heaviest Stilts Mastered.  [Guinness World Record]
  • Scott Hammell:  Highest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape. [Guinness World Record]
  • Lucas Wilson:  Fastest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape. [Guinness World Record - 2011]
  • Carisa Hendrix:  Longest duration fire torch teething. [Guinness World Record - 2012]
  • Michael Francis:  Most one-handed coin rolls in a minute. [Guinness World Record - 2013]
  • Mark Correia:  Longest Amount of Time Wearing a Straitjacket. [World Record - 2014] 
  • Gordon Precious:  Oldest heli-skier [World Record - 2019]
  • The Sentimentalists:  (Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay) Most items transferred from one mentalist to another.  [World Record - 2017]

09 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Gwyn Auger

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Gwyn Auger!

Based out of Calgary, you may know Gwyn as The Magic Assistant.  She has been a long-time supporter of the blog (in 2015 she offered up a prize for you dear readers).   In 2011 she published "How to Be A Wizard of Odd."  Gwyn's also written a number of articles for Vanish Magazine. In 2014 and 2015 she took home the prize for "Best Assistant" at the PCAM conventions, and earned silver medals in both 2016 & 2017!  Gwyn co-created WowFest - Calgary’s Magical Arts Festival and she’s on the social media team for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
In addition, Gwyn was recently featured in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's Alumni Link. You can hear her interviews with Dave Attwood (2014), FCM Video (2014), Beyond Fame (2019), About to Break with Taylor Hughes (2019) and Illusionary (2019).  (Keep an ear out for an upcoming Newman and Price podcast interview too!)

Visit Gwyn's website at TheMagicAssistant.com
or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @magicassistant

Thank you Gwyn, for befriending Canada's Magic

08 May 2019

Discourse in Magic with Matt Johnson (plus 60s docs)

Via iTricks, Matt Johnson featured on the web series "60 Second Docs" in the episode "The Bittersweet Ache of Escaping." (embedded at the bottom of this post)

From Discourse in Magic:
On episode 158, Matt Johnson joins Jonah to discuss escapology, adding human elements to your magic, and recreating your brand. You may know Matt for his water tank escape on Penn & Teller: Fool Us or for his semi-place finish on Britain’s Got Talent.

Matt remembers a wind-up box at his grandmother’s house sparking his initial love for magic. While not a magic trick, it still gave him this magical feeling and caused him to want to know how a little box could play music. At the age of twelve, he started learning tricks and, after performing for Matt’s siblings’ birthday, a magician took Matt under his wing. Soon, he was attending his local shop every weekend right through his teen years.

Read more and listen.

From the 60 Second Docs YouTube channel:

07 May 2019

Magicana recipient of AMA Literary and Media Fellowship

Congratulations to David Ben, Julie Eng, and everyone else who has poured their energy into Magicana, the 2018 recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts Literary and Media Fellowship!

From the Magicana Twitter feed:
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06 May 2019

Niagara Falls: Mystify

From Niagara Falls Tourism:
June 27-29

Prepare to be amazed! Enjoy an extraordinary close up magic experience featuring mind blowing magic, comedy, interactive mind manipulation and world class entertainment. The show runs 60 minutes, featuring two sleight of hand artists with over twenty five years of experience entertaining audiences!

All seats are general admission and are up close for optimal viewing. The show is suitable for ages 10 and up and make sure to get your tickets before they disappear.

Read more and buy tickets.

05 May 2019

Northern Peeks; v23:1, Spring 2019

Have you read the recent issue of Northern Peeks?

With great content by:
  • Murray Hatfield
  • Joan Caesar (thanks for the nice Canada's Magic shout out Joan!) 
  • Renée-Claude Auclair (have you booked your tickets to FISM yet?)
  • Mike Fisher 
  • Tony Gibbs (reviewing Dueling Magicians)
  • Domenico Dante
  • Phil Matlin
  • Jason Verners
  • Gerry Frenette
  • Roger Boucher
  • Ryan Pilling and
  • Brent Smith with a fabulous idea for a column, visiting Canada's Brick and Mortar magic shops one at a time!  I'm really looking forward to theses features.

and nice tributes to magicians Lorne Overholt and Dicky Dean.

To become a member of the Canadian Association of Magicians, renew your membership, or learn more about CAM, visit their website at cammagic.org

04 May 2019

Smith Falls: Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries

I had the pleasure of seeing Ted and Marion in a cozy theatre in Milton a few of years back.  You can read about my experience at "Random thoughts on 'Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries.'" (They were fabulous at this year's Browser's Bash too!)

After settling into Smith Falls, Ted and Marion will be performing this summer with weekly shows in their hometown at The Station Theatre.

Peformance dates include:
  • Saturday June 29
  • Saturday July 6
  • Saturday July 13
  • Saturday July 20
  • Saturday July 27
  • Saturday August 3
  • Saturday August 24 and
  • Saturday August 31

Please check The Station Theatre for details.

Additional tour dates include:
  • November 30 at the Rose Theatre in Brampton
  • December 31 at the Oakville Centre
  • January 10, 2020 at the Sarnia Imperial Theatre

03 May 2019

Chilliwack: Cabaret of Wonders XVI with Chris Funk

From the Chilliwack Cultural Centre:
May 17, 2019

World-champion magician Shawn Farquhar hosts the very popular Cabaret of Wonders gathering together a remarkable array of magicians!

This casual cabaret setting is a fabulous way to experience innovative acts, illusions, and more in a fantastical display of never-before-seen works and magical standards! Whether you’re a magic enthusiast or have dreams of bringing your own illusions to stage, the Cabaret of Wonders XII is a chance to see magic behind the scenes – and get up close and personal with the most talented performers from British Columbia and beyond.

Read more and buy tickets.

From Chris Funk's Facebook page:

02 May 2019

Thank you to our May 2019 Friends!

Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, The Outerbridges, Ian Crawford, Owen Anderson, Ryan Pilling, Matt DiSero, and James Renoire for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

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* This book is intended for mature audiences.

01 May 2019

Michael Close webinars

In addition to Friday night's Palming with Confidence* webinar, Michael has two more webinars scheduled this month.

From Michael Close's webiste:

This sixty-minute webinar will provide strategies that will help you overcome your fear of palming.

Palming is one of the cornerstones of card magic. But many magicians, even experienced practitioners, shy away from tricks that require palming.  As part of this training, you’ll learn FOUR commercial routines you can immediately add to your repertoire.

We will also discuss important techniques that are applicable to any type of “holding out,” including coins, balls, or any small object.

We feel this information will be useful to magicians of all skill levels, so we are offering it at a very low price. Our webinars require no special software; you participate through your browser, and you can ask questions during the presentation. Registrants will be able to replay this webinar as often as they want.

Please Note: This is not a webinar on how to correctly palm cards.

Memorized deck work continues to be a hot topic. However, with the growing number of stacks available and the staggering amount of bad information available on the Internet, it can be challenging for a memdeck newbie to even know how to begin.

On Sunday May 5, 2019 at 4pm, I will present a new webinar, “Demystifying the Memorized Deck,” in which I will offer clear, no-nonsense information on how to add this powerful tool to your performing repertoire.

After studying magic for a few years, most enthusiasts acquire some repertoire – effects they can perform competently. While we spend a great deal of effort learning new tricks, we rarely take the time to organize our tricks into an effective act or “set.”

In this webinar, Michael Close will suggest several strategies that will start you on the path to developing a strong, effective, three-trick set. Using material from his own repertoire, Michael will explain his thought process in assembling several different acts designed for various venues. He will also offer suggestions for further study and analysis.

This webinar is designed for magicians of all skill levels; everyone can benefit from this information.

* A special note about Friday night's Palming with Confidence webinar:
(Note: If you attended the Palming with Confidence Webinar on March 10, 2019 you are invited to join us on this webinar for free. Just email Lisa at lisa AT michaelclose DOT com for your personal registration link.)

30 April 2019

Programmation du 9e Festival de magie de Québec

Scroll to the bottom of the post for  a pro-tip from Loran, regarding the conference of Eberhard Riese, author of the book “Foundations - The Art of Stage Magic."

A great video to get you in the spirit of the 9th edition of the Festival de magie de Québec coming up May 2nd to 5th!  It is full of reminders of some of the extraordinary promotions from previous years.  (I don't remember seeing the gag at 1:06 before.  What fun!)

If you're attending, please share the event's social media hashtag so that we can all follow along!

From the YouTube channel of Le Soleil, le quotidien de Quebec:

The top 5 posts in April 2019

There were 45+ posts at Canada's Magic this month.  (Can you tell it was a live-blogging month?)  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. London: Magic at the Marienbad - A monthly event with a different line-up every month!
4. Chris Ramsay and Xavier Caffrey in the National Post - Nice to see magic in the main stream press.
3. Browser's Magic Bash 2019 recap  - Another fabulous event in the books!
2. Video: Shawn Farquhar Fool Us REVEALED - The people want to know!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Toronto: The Carnival of Wonders - This sounded like quite the event!

29 April 2019

Rounding the Western rings in May 2019

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- Club meeting.
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- N/A
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- N/A
Fraser Valley, BCIBM Ring 387 (Fraser Valley Magic Circle, Celeste Evans Ring)- General meeting
- Originality competition
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- N/A
Vancouver, BCSAM 95  (Carl Hemeon Assembly)- N/A
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)  - Eric Bedard lecture
- BBQ and garage sale
- Mirth and Magic

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Central rings in May 2019

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- N/A.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- Members' choice.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Coin magic.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Eric Jones lecture.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- Mentalism and 4F debrief.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- N/A
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Pepe Lirrojo presents Panpharos

Please leave a comment or email me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Eastern rings in May 2019

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Visit their Facebook page
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- Packs small, plays big.

Please leave a comment or email me about corrections or omissions.

27 April 2019

Toronto: Sword and Sorcery school

From the Edritch Theatre:
Eldritch Theatre’s First Ever
Sword and Sorcery Summer School
a summer camp for nerds and geeks

Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th 2019
Ages 9 to 14
The Red Sandcastle Theatre, 922 Queen Street East

Read more and register.

From the Edritch Theatre Twitter feed:

26 April 2019

Toronto: Ariel Frailich book signing

From the Browser's Den newsletter:
SATURDAY, MAY 4 AT 2PM - ARIEL FRAILICH BOOK SIGNING: Ariel Frailich  has just released his newest book 'Sub Rosa'. It is hardcover and 170 pages. It covers a wide variety of magic & mentalism effects for stage & close-up based on an easy to master utility move. Mr. Frailich will be at Browser's Den from 2:00pm to 5:00pm to sign the book.

Please CLICK HERE for full details on the book.

PLUS...Mr. Frailich will be giving away a FREE prop with each book sale that has a use with an effect in his new book. ($45.00)

Read more.

A recent review gave Sub Rosa 5 stars!

From the I Saw That! Exclusive Magic Facebook page:

25 April 2019

Toronto: Cheap Tricks 2

From the Revival Bar:
Tuesday June 11

We are back with the most ridiculously fun magic show of the year. Its CHEAP TRICKS 2.

Imagine an performer shows up to their gig but their props don;t. This is the premise of the show. All participants are given a small budget, location to buy and have to come with 10 mins of amazing material on the fly for the audience.

Ten of Toronto;s leading magicians go head to head in this contest with only ONE winner. With a special guest appearance by The Sentimentalists and surprise guests.

Judged by
  • Ben Train (Toronto Magic Company)
  • Steffi Kay (Fooler of Penn and Teller)
  • Chris Westfall (Cheap Tricks winner year one)
  • and a secret judge TBA

Revival Nightclub is a 19+ venue. Content may offend, Doors 8pm show 8:30pm tickets $advance / $30 door.

Presented by Mysterion.
Read more and buy tickets.

From the Facebook page of James Alan:

24 April 2019

Edmonton: Magic Monthly

From the Grindstone Theatre:

A monthly magic showcase hosted by the incredible Ron Pearson! Join Ron and his new magical guests on the fourth Thursday of each month as they amaze the audience with new tricks and comedy entertainment. You are guaranteed to laugh, gasp and cheer as magicians from Edmonton and around the world take to The Grindstone Stage.

Read more and buy tickets.

23 April 2019

Ryan Joyce on the Darren Walters podcast

From Ryan Joyce's Facebook post:

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22 April 2019

Gwyn Auger on Illusionary

From Yeats Magic Co's Facebook post:

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21 April 2019

20 April 2019

The Evasons NBA halftime show

From The Evasons YouTube channel:
The Evasons Mentalist Duo - NBA halftime show Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors, April 4, 2019 at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. 
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18 April 2019

Milton: Vegas style illusion show

From Eventbrite:


Tickets are $20 online for reserved seating or can be purchased at the door!

For video and pictures visit :



Read more and buy tickets.

17 April 2019

Shin Lim's LIMitless tour

From Colin Cloud's Twitter feed:
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16 April 2019

Browser's Magic Bash 2019 recap

Updated on April 19th to add: 
  •  An assortment of phone camera, at a distance, dark room, intended to be viewed on a small screen, photos can be viewed in this Facebook album.

Browser's Bash logo  
I'm delighted I was able to live-Tweet and live-blog the 2019 Browser's Magic Bash last Saturday!  

I enjoyed catching up with the friends I've made at previous Bashes (hi Cooper) and making new friends too (I'm looking at you Don and Wil).

Here's the traditional consolidation of the posts and Tweets. (For the complete list of Tweets and photos check out this Twitter link to Tweets tagged with #BrowsersBash2019 or #BrowsersBash.) 

It's a very long post.  Click "read more" below to view it.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

15 April 2019

Chilliwack: Shawn Farquhar's Cabaret of Wonders XV

Catch Shawn Farquhar's Cabaret of Wonders on April 19th.

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14 April 2019

Toronto: The Carnival of Wonders

With Jim Byrnes, James Alan, James Harrison, Bella Eurta, Dick Joiner, and Chris Campbell!

From Eventbrite:
The CARNIVAL is coming to town!
The Toronto Magic Company has partnered with the Super Wonder Gallery to bring you The Carnival of Wonders - a show experience unlike anything we've ever done before. For one night only we're transforming the our space into a carnival, complete with games, prizes, delicious carnival treats, interactive exhibits, and not one but TWO amazing shows!

Part I The Family Circus8:00-10:00pm

Fun for audiences of all ages!

Join Ringmaster Dick Joiner for the incredible Family Circus show, featuring jugglers, magicians, and jaw-dropping sideshow performers while you check out all the exibits. All attendees will get loot bags on the way in with chips for game play and food, as well as some fun surprises.

Part II The Midnight Carnival (Recomended for 16+)10:30pm -12:30am

Send the kids to bed - it's time to get a little wild. Con games, fortune telling, and incredible "freak" acts take the stage to show you things you won't believe can happen. Attendees of the Midnight Carnival will also get loot bags on the way in with chips for game play and food, as well as some additional fun surprises!

Tickets are $20 per time slot, or $30 for the the whole evening of fun (the Evening Package comes with enough chips and credits for an entire evening of fun!).
Read more and buy tickets.

13 April 2019


Final bows with:

- Ryan Brown

- Jacque Swan

- James Harrison

- RJ Steele

- Mark Correia

- Paul Richards

- Garrett Thomas

- Ted and Marion Outerbridge

- Suzanne

- Chris Capehart


Stage show with:

- Ted & Marion Outerbridge

- Suzanne

- Chris Capehart!

Jeff P and John T with announcements:

- In the spirit of thinking of others we are donating on behalf of all you Bashers, $500.00 to the Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation.
   [ SickKidsFoundation.com ]


- Thank you to:

   - All of you kind folks who bought tickets have made this Bash possible again.

   - The Bash volunteers: Ahmed, Jon Sy, Roxanne Talbot, Nicole Lee, Cathy, Eric Simmatis, John Cardella, John Michalson, Lisa Close, Ava Close, Luiz Castro, John Morgan, Greg Hobor, Cam Dix, Mike Segal, Sandra Estrien, and Annie Pinsky.

   - Jeff Hinchliffe for (among many other things) making sure all of the talent is behind the stage at the right times.

   - Special thanks to John Talbot who somehow comes up with the time to help us put this day together.

   - Sincere appreciation to Ahmed our stage manager, and his two assistants Jon Sy and Luiz Castro!

   - Of course a thanks to the staff at the Montecassino!

   - Standing ovation for emcee Dick Joiner for making the day so much fun!

Jeff H with announcements:

- If you have questions for the guys who did the free mini classes at lunch, walk up and ask.

- At Wij's table there are knowledgeable guys who can answer questions. Danny Hamill, Al Grose, Morgan Pierce, Richard Lyn, Anthony Lindan, and Buck MacLeod.

- You may have seen his cameos on Penn and Teller's recent Fool Us Day episode. Michael Close is here too!

- Lots of knowledge in the room! Walk around and talk and listen.

- Reminder of the Jason Ladayne lecture at the Browser's Den on Wednesday, April 17


Mark Correia came in from New York to comically entertain!

[ MarkCorreia.ca ]

Fabulous Time Of Day for The Outerbridge lecture!

[ OuterbridgeMagic.com ]


John Talbot just announced more lucky winners!

 Afternoon show with:

- Jacque Swan

- Pickpocket James Harrison
   [ PickpocketMagic.com ]

- Paul Richards
   [ PaulRichards.com ]

- 2017 Len Cooper Memorial Award recipient, R.J. Steele

- Garrett Thomas to close the show!
   [ GTmagic.com ]


Garrett Thomas with the second half of last year's lecture. (And same volunteer as last year!)

[ GTmagic.com ]


Wonderful mini performance by The Outerbridges.

[ OuterbridgeMagic.com ]


Announcements from Jeff P:

- A big thank you to: Robert & Scott Presswood, Andrew Woo, Jonah Babins, Chris Bruce, Chris Westfall, my longest magic friend Wij, David Barrett, and the infamous Charlie McBurney, for offering today's mini-classes

- Thanks to David Grosfield for being the day's official photographer
   [  facebook.com/david.grosfield ]

- Thank you to Elliot and the EJ Entertainment team for running the AV and tech.
   [ EJEntertainment.net ]

- Shout-out to attendee Joan Caesar, founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians and past International president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

- Pleased and honoured that Bernice Cooper and her son Jack have joined us this year.  A big round of applause for Bernice Cooper her family and for the memory of the late Len Cooper.

- Jeff's cousins from Montreal are here!  Welcome!

- Great to see Bobby Motta here today! 
   [ BobbyMotta.com ]

Announcements from Lisa Close:

- Over $1,000 of magic prizes to give away today!  Congratulations to the first five lucky winners.

- Mini Classes during the lunch break offered by:

   - Robert & Scott Presswood on Children's Magic
   [ Presswood.com ]

   - David Barrett on Biddle Count Procedures

   - Chris Bruce on False Shuffles and Classic Force
   [ ChrisBruce.ca ]

   - Andrew Woo on Creating Memorable Magic
   [  magicalwoo.weebly.com ]

   - Charlie McBurney on Crimps & Key Cards

   - Chis Westfall on Routining Your Magic
   [ ChrisWestfallMagic.com ]

   - Wij on Card Fundamentals
   [  magicWij.com ]

   - Jonah Babins on Any Card at Any Number
   [  JonahBabins.com ]


Fabulous performance by the "legen… wait for it… dary" Chris Capehart!
[https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-capehart-958b39a7 ]

Second lecturer: The AMA's 2010 Close Up Magician of the year and Penn & Teller Fooler, Suzanne!
   [ SuzMagic.com ]

First lecturer: self-described as "the most successful creator of magic that nobody has heard of" --  Paul Richards!   

[ PaulRichards.com ]

With bonus tips about children, crayons, marriage, and ham sandwiches.