12 April 2019

#BrowsersBash 2019 social media

Browser's Bash logo  
Saturday is the "Browser's Bash," an all day convention hosted by the Browser's Den of Magic!

Like last year, and technology willing, I will be doing some combination of live-Tweeting and live-blogging of the event.  Apologies in advance for clogging your feeds.  To follow my Twitter account, you can use the web or use the Twitter widget on the right side of this page, under the "Selected Anniversaries" feature.  I'll also be putting a big Twitter widget of my feed between the blog title and  the posts.

If you're at the event and using social media, I encourage you to add the hashtag "#BrowsersBash" to your Tweets.  From a web browser you can have a look at all Tweets containing

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday!

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