25 July 2019

Gordon Precious in the Hamilton Spectator

From the July 18 article "Jeff Mahoney: Gordon Precious, Hamilton’s own, is in the Guinness World Records as oldest heli-skier" by Jeff Mahoney in The Hamilton Spectator:
He enjoyed skiing, as well as tennis, from an early age. "As I got better (at skiing) we'd go to Cedar Springs, but I was 15 and not allowed to drive so I'd go with 16-year-old friends who were. Once there were four of us in the car. Our names were Precious, Love, Darling and ... Anguish."

Gordon's conversation, fed by the springs of a terrific memory, is full of such delights, and when he tells me that, in addition to skiing and tennis, he practised the art of magic, I am not surprised, as there's a general feeling of magic about the man.

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