14 August 2019

Broken wand: Dr. John Yang

Dr. Yang was a member of the  Magic Circle of Saint John.  He passed away on Saturday, 03 Aug 2019.

From the Kennebecasis County Funeral Home:
In 1992, he was awarded the Canada Commemorative 125 Medal by the Governor General in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada.

His life of devoted service and faith was recognized by many.  He was elected the youngest Life Elder (age 39) of The Silver Falls United Church, where his tenor voice, and love of music, could be heard in the choir, and at home, every week, or behind the scenes for Chinese suppers for fund-raising or suppers for young campers.

John loved to cook - more accurately, to feed and nourish his family, friends, relatives, and anyone who walked in the door.

John had a good sense of humour and enjoyed hearing a new joke or story, especially one that he could repeat to others during his many gigs as MC, as President of the Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John, on stage at Festival-By-the-Sea, or speaking at a friend's wedding or anniversary. 

With his fellow magicians at the Saint John Magic Club, he discovered the charm of performing magic tricks for his grandchildren and many others.

In his spare time he also enjoyed traveling around the world, practicing Tai Chi, gardening and fishing.

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