21 August 2019

Jeff Christensen's GoFundMe for The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion

From Go Fund Me:
The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion was founded in April 2009 on the initiative of Milton Flores Marques (Mago Byron) in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.  The institution is not for profit and promotes the love of magic performance in young people and children. 

Bolivia is not a wealthy country and this group could use your help to create some "real" magic.  Consider budding young magician Raquel who's family can't afford the $3 per class for her to attend and pay for the transportation to get to the school.  Raquel has made the commitment to walk 60 blocks each day that she has magic class. 

Check out the following short video and see what happening at The Bolivia Magic School.

The funds raised from this initiative will go a long well to help provide tuition for the students as well as much needed magic supplies.  Thank you for considering sponsoring the students of this school!

Jeff Christensen
Vancouver, Canada

Read more and fund the project.

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