29 August 2019

Steffi's shoes stolen

Please keep an eye out for Steffi Kay's stolen shoes.  Would love to have them returned to their owner.

From Steffi Kay's Facebook post:

Someone broke into my car and took my bag of 1920s and 1930s shoes. There wasn’t much in my car for them to steal minus the shoes and my insurance and apparently whatever was in my compartments... but I was going to take all my 1920s and 1930’s shoes in for repair today... I am now missing all 8/9 pairs of my favourite shoes that I have collected for over 10 years and loved so dearly. These are all my favourites. They’re all in need of fixing and are literally trash to someone selling them. They’re truly just 80 - 90 year old shoes that would be very difficult to resell at pawn shops as they’re in disrepair. In the condition they’re in they are something most would throw away and not be able to resell. However they are valuable because of the size and styles. My worst fear is the most likely thing... that they’re ending up in the trash 😭 If anyone comes across them I can offer a reward and my eternal gratitude. These are not replaceable so I need to find them. If anyone has any leads please get back to me. They went missing between around 11:30 pm August 27 and 11 am August 28 on Queen west in Toronto near Roncesvalles. Please help me bring my babies home. 💔😭

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