04 September 2019

Michael Close's September 2019 newsletter

A quick reminder that Michael will open the Toronto Magic Club's season as the first lecturer on September 30th. 

Just finished reading the September newsletter (vol 2; issue 9) from Michael Close.  You may be interested in:
  • Michael Close has a podcast for subscribers, titled "Conversations with Close."   This month's guest is David Regal. 
  • Some insights into Michael's new ebook "The T.O.M. Epiphany: Fourth Dimensional Strategies for Turning Magic Tricks into Miracles.”
  • A review of David Regal's "Interpreting Magic."
  • An effect by David Regal.
  • All about Avner Eisenberg.
  • A playing card patent article by Lee Asher.
  • The Art of Conjuring by Mick Ayres.
  • Technically Speaking by by Bruce Kalver.
  • and many other newsworthy tidbits from the magic community!

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