24 September 2019

Peter Mennie's advice based on "40 Years As A Kid's Performer"

From the September 16th article "40 Years As A Kid's Performer Helps" by Peter Mennie at LinkedIn:

I started my career on their stage while I was still in still high school. I had a full stage crew to set my props, run my music (on cassette!) and supply my mic (where I learned proper technique and went from handheld to headset) For the last ten years, I've done tech and this year and last, I was exclusively at the Kiddieland stage. Interestingly enough, the acts were the same both years (plus one additional Juno-nominated siging duo). It was a great opportunity to see how some acts grew (or not) why some acts stayed the same (because it works) and how an act that (according to them), never play these types of events, fit in (they didn't).

I was 'the old guy' in the group but with a unique perspective being both a performer and a technician. Everyone's goals were aligned - gather a crowd and entertain them - however as a performer, I know what the crew needs to make my show a success and as crew, I know what I need to support the stage acts.

Here are a few tips from both perspectives.

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