09 September 2019

Vancouver: Shawn Farquhar's "Hidden Wonders"

Hidden Wonders opened on September 8th.

From Hidden Wonders:
Hidden Wonders, the next edition of Shawn Farquhar’s Cabaret of Wonders, will premiere in the Fall of 2019 at an undisclosed location in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. The concept, a speakeasy-style performance venue hidden behind a fake business facade, is part of a new trend in magic entertainment that focuses less on grand-scale illusions and more on intimate experiences that leave the audience awestruck and moved. Confirmed guests will only be given the address and password for the venue once their tickets have been purchased.

The seventy-five-minute magic experience will feature effects exclusively designed for the venue as well as several of the effects Shawn created to win the world championship and to fool Vegas’s Penn & Teller on their hit television show Fool Us.

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From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

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