16 December 2019

Steve Valentine in the MD Theatre Guide

A reminder that the "The Illusionists - Magic of the Holidays" plays at Meridian Hall from January 1 to January 5, 2020.  Get your tickets at through Tickemaster.

From the December 4th article "Theatre Review: ‘The Illusionists Magic of the Holidays’ at National Theater" by Michael Garvey in the MD Theatre Guide:
Steve stole the show and had a shining moment with his personal story of how he told and showed his daughter all about snow, as they were moving from California to Canada. He got a girl of 9 to join him on stage as he made it snow from his hands from water and literally nothing and then the snow engulfed the entire stage to create a shining, spectacular white Christmas illusion.  If you are in town, this show is a must, and well worth the price of admission.   The performances will leave you inspired and feeling all the magic of the holidays.

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