01 April 2020

Champions Of Magic Concert Album

We're delighted to announce that Canada's Magic is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Champions Of Magic Concert Album! 

This has the potential to be as fabulous as the 1974 Bell Records release of Doug Henning's “Magic Show” Vinyl Cast Album.

From the Champions of Magic Press Release:

The producers behind the internationally touring illusion show Champions Of Magic have announced the upcoming release of a live concert album of the production in a world first for the genre.

The show’s director of research and development Al Tostig said “We’ve spent the last 2 years diving deep into magic history to find brand new things to bring to the world of illusions both on-stage and off. It suddenly hit us that despite the fact live albums have been popular in music for a long time, and had a heyday in stand-up comedy, no magicians have released an album of their live show. We didn’t think about it for a moment longer and decided Champions Of Magic should be the first.”

Tostig continued “Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions, the music we use in the show alongside the illusions can’t be re-produced on the album so the recording is mostly patter, props moving and some crowd noise. The whole thing is a really immersive way to enjoy magic, that’s often overlooked by those more caught up in the visuals”.

Champions Of Magic, one of the world’s largest illusion shows, tours theatres and arenas across the UK, USA, and Canada

Watch this space for pre-order information.


Or, y'know, check the date of this post.

[With thanks to Alex J from Champions of Magic.]

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